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Spaghetti Bento (375)

Just as a reminder, this is the last week to submit an entry for my 500k Bento Contest! If you’ve been procrastinating, now is the time to get going on your entry!

I made spaghetti last night for dinner and used “hapa noodles”, which got me some complaints from Baby Girl and she had the nerve to tell me she rather I go buy Zippy’s spaghetti for her dinner. All this without tasting it first, of course. She ended up eating it once she got some in her mouth.

Although they’re healthier, whole grain spaghetti noodles have a very different taste for sure. My family doesn’t care much for it, but in the end, with enough spaghetti sauce it tastes relatively the same anyway. I had to loosen the noodles up with wet hands in order to get it to stay down nicely in the box and once I did that, I was able to plop cold meat sauce on top. I added some happy cheese stars which I froze in order to get them to stay stiff longer under my really hot lights.

The more I use these Carla Craft punches, the more I love them. They cut cleanly through the nori and look so adorable. I’ll be using these for Baby Girl’s lunches a lot for sure. She starts kindergarten next month already! I probably won’t make her lunch every day. Since I like to use leftovers and she doesn’t always eat what she’s served for dinner, it’ll have to depend on her reception to the food the night before.

Anyway, for my other tier, I made a little side salad with three pear tomatoes from my garden. Buddy has been keeping watch over them in a drawer in the fridge. If I don’t use them immediately, it’s suddenly in my face with him going, “MOMMY, YOU DIDN’T EAT DIS ONE YET!” For orange, I sliced up carrots and then put some watermelon slices into an aluminum food cup. To fill in the rest of the space I added some cherries and blueberries. I forgot to put in salad dressing, but we have a bunch of bottles at work.

This is a new bento box that I got at Marukai. Their bento accessories selection is pretty crappy now, but occasionally I see a nice box. As if it wasn’t bad enough that they don’t have a whole wall of bento stuff anymore, I heard last week that Ichibankan is CLOSING. I think I’m part of a collective bento community WAAAAAAAHHHH! Seriously, they were the best for cheap bento goods online. Make sure you grab up what they have left!!!