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Last Day to Enter!

Just a reminder to everyone, today is the last day to enter the Haiti Fundraiser/Bento Giveaway and is being hosted and sponsored by myself and Susan Yuen! I mentioned our brief appearance on KITV News This Morning yesterday, so here is the video for you all to watch:

We’ve raised over $550 in direct donations so far and $74 in pledges/comments, so we’re extremely happy with the turnout we’ve had. Thank you all so much for your generosity and good luck in the drawing!

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  • Eileen

    You look great, very natural, and you do not have puffy eyes and elephant ears (at least that’s what I think you said in your previous post). And it’s awesome that you and Susan are doing this for Haiti!!

  • Eileen

    P.S. I liked your silent response when the interviewer said ‘the kids love this!’, hehe, I thought of your posts where you talked about your kids not liking your bento, haha.

  • Kimi

    Thanks for sharing this video – now we can put the face with the blog. What a great
    idea to help those in Haiti.

  • thats so cool! i didn’t catch it because i only watch channel 3 in the mornings! but sooooo cool!

  • A fabulous segment. Thanks for sharing this!

    Proud of you for finding a to incorporated bento-making AND funding relief efforts in Haiti!

    You rock! ::hugs::

  • Julie Kumagai

    Thank you for offering such a wonderful prize to encourage people to help out with the Haiti relief efforts!

    I have followed your website for a couple of years now and am constantly amazed by the adorable and delicious bento boxes you make. My husband and I are huge fans of LOST as well, so we really enjoy the LOST bento boxes as well. Keep up the great work, and thank you for the inspiration!

    Julie Kumagai

  • This is great – I thought you looked lovely & came across really well!

  • Rob

    Very cute idea. Love the blog.

  • Rain

    Great job! I loved the woman in the background going ooooooh theyre so cute!

  • I thought you looked great! So did the bentos. 🙂

  • Hahahaha! I told the reporters the story after we were off the air. So funny that you caught that! 😀

  • Hopefully I won’t look “nervous” or “terrified” in any future TV appearances! lol

  • I don’t watch the news at all, haha! Maybe I shouldn’t say that…

  • Thanks Sarah, but credit goes to Susan! I’m just the host. 🙂

  • Wow, thank you for reading my blog for such a long time! <3

  • Aww, thanks Lexi! 🙂

  • Thanks Rob, hope you’ll keep coming back!

  • Haha, yeah that was funny.

  • Thanks Lily!

  • Tricia

    OMg! You’re even more of a celebrity now–LOL! You did great. Besides being so tired, it must have been really nerve-wracking. Better you than me. Congrats on raising so much money for such a good cause. My brother in a missionary in Haiti and it’s bad. He said one problem is even just getting gas to be able to go deliver supplies to help.