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Football Bento Part II

Bento Central has been doing fairly well over the last few weeks since it’s launch, but it still needs more contributors and submissions! If you’re just starting out on bento and need a place to post your lunches, feel free to give it a try! I’m also looking for links to reviews of bento related items, so if you have an old one, be sure to let me know.

Football Bento 2

My football theme continues, though I’ve gone and simply done the exact same aspect of football as I did yesterday. Perhaps a jersey or helmet would be better than a week full of pigskins. Haha! In any case, when we got to Grandma J’s, she was making teriyaki hamburger patties, so at first I had intended to slice the patty in half, then cut it out in the shape of a football. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my dang football cookie cutter this morning, so I opted to try doing it soboro style.

I was really unhappy with it this morning until I added the laces, then it looked a little more like it was supposed to. I had thought I would need the cookie cutter to help as a guideline, but found out that it’s really not all that hard to make a football shape by hand.

On the bottom, there’s a layer of brown rice. I cooked the eggs first, then used my hands to crumble the hamburger patty. It wasn’t very brown once I tore it up, so I added it to the pan and fried it a little on medium-low heat until I got a nice darker brown. The meat went in on top of the rice, with some of the extra being spread around on the sides. I added the soboro-style egg with my fingers to the outer area, covering up all the stray hamburger.

Soboro Football Closeup

After that, I sprinkled green hana ebi around on top of the egg to make it look like astroturf. It doesn’t quite look right, but it did add the splash of green I needed. Still, it was just brown, yellow, and green, so I sliced some cherry tomatoes and added it to the sides. Still needing orange, I cooked three slices of carrot in a pyrex measuring cup filled with water in the microwave for 2 minutes. This is much faster than boiling the carrots. I cut the stars with a metal cutter to make sure the cuts were nice. I took the same cheese slice I used yesterday and cut out the laces.

Weight loss update: When I weighed myself this morning, I was 143.9, so I’ve kept the weight I lost last week off rather well. I’ve been drinking a lot of tea and water at work, which is helping me flush everything out and I’m pretty happy with my progress so far.

Only four more days until the Sunset on the Beach LOST premiere!! I keep forgetting to do a test run of the food I want to take down there. Hopefully I remember to do that tonight. It’ll be so typical of me to just put it off until that morning and then the idea just doesn’t execute the way I want it to…

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  • As if anything could be “better than a week full of pigskins”!

  • This is a nice bento! I like the way you put the patties to make a football! Creatively done!

  • Nice ! your bento are such inspiring thing to me! I just started my 1st bento ytd!

  • Looks nice!

  • I’m not a football fan at all, but I am sort of considering doing one for the hubby after seeing yours 🙂 At first, I thought this was going to be Shephard’s (or cottage) Pie – lol
    Hmm, now what would I use to make a football inspired bento for hubby out of foods he’ll go for… lol

  • Spoken like a true football fan!

  • Thanks, uh, dining tables. I’m stuck between being happy you read my blog and knowing you probably only do it to link back to your site. lol

  • Thanks for commenting jesspastry! I hope you enjoy packing bento!

  • Thank you Lil’Chan. 🙂

  • Just curious, what made you think it was a shephard’s pie?