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Review: GoGoSqueez Applesauce on the Go

I’ve had a busy morning, some of which entailed emailing people who were asking, “Where were you in Lost?? I didn’t see you!!” Truth is, I didn’t either. We watched the whole second hour, me pausing every so often to yell stuff like, “OH MY GOD, THAT WAS JANICE!” and “OMG I SAW KENT!” and “OMG THERE’S LYNN!” and then it was over and I didn’t see anything with me in it. What a total bummer.

Luckily, I went back and watched all the stuff I got to help with in slow motion until I found myself twice. Mr. Pikko declared me insane when he caught me taking pictures of the tv. To help avoid spoiling anyone, I’ll put the photos and insight after today’s review.

Baby Girl Bento

This is Baby Girl’s bento that I mentioned last week. Note that I listened to her request and gave her a plain sandwich with no cute things on it. I filled the side with sliced sweet potato and in the other tier, added sliced banana bread and quartered strawberries sprinkled with sugar. In the background, you’ll see the product I’m reviewing, which is GoGo SqueeZ, applesauce in a squeezable container.

I first heard of GoGo Squeez on Twitter, when they asked if I thought their product would fit into a bento box. While it did not fit in the bento box, it did make a wonderful snack to pack on the side.

GoGo Squeez 1

I asked if they wanted me to do a review and soon after, I received five boxes of GoGo SqueeZ applesauces, one of each type they offer. Each sauce is available on Amazon in packs of 48 for $29.98, which brings the cost of each pouch to about $0.63.

Each box contains 4 pouches of applesauce with a little screw top cap. The back states that due to the little yellow cap, the product is not suitable for unsupervised children under 36 months. However, since I have a 4 year-old boy who puts everything from boogers to crayons to G.I. Joe’s helmet in his mouth, you should probably just take the cap away for kids up until around 5 or 6 just to be safe.

GoGo Squeez 2

Here’s a better look at the containers. As you can see from the front, these pouches contain 100% fruit (with the exception of cinnamon) and no sugar, which is pretty awesome for a healthy snack. Kids can’t always take a whole fruit on the side because then it becomes an issue of how clean it’ll be and if they are able to wash it (or care to).

Each pouch is one serving and must be consumed within 24 hours. They’re kosher certified and meant to be eaten without any utensils, which rocks in my book since I hate washing dishes, especially spoons that have been forgotten in a car for a week.

GoGo Squeez 3

Here’s a shot of the back. These expire about 5 months from now, so they have a decent shelf life, but still shouldn’t be forgotten in your pantry.

Now that I’ve established that it is good for you, the issue of taste of course has to come into question. I tasted them all myself and Baby Girl tried each one, too. She doesn’t really care for tart things and I love tart things, so I loved the appleapple, applepeach, and applestrawberry. Baby Girl made scrunched up faces at all three, but happily ate the apple banana and applecinnamon pouches. Buddy doesn’t like applesauce, so he tried one and then wouldn’t taste another. Grandma J said they tasted like baby food.

I thought they tasted really good, as far as applesauces go. I don’t usually like applesauce period, but the appleapple was tart and had a wonderful flavor. Out of all of them though, I enjoyed applepeach and applestrawberry the most.

GoGo Squeez 4

Here’s Baby Girl eating the applebanana. She chose that flavor to take on her field trip, though she brought it home unopened. Turns out she wanted to save it for after school and so I let her eat it in the car. She ate the whole thing and we simply recapped it and threw it away. It was very convenient!

As of this writing, Baby Girl has come to like the appleapple. She’s inhaled one and has asked for another, but has yet to eat her dinner, but I’m sure she’d have eaten all of it if I let her. All in all, I was very happy with the product, and when I have to pack lunches for the kids on a regular basis, I’ll probably buy a couple of packs of applebanana and applecinnamon. I’ve actually eaten all of the tart flavors already because much to my annoyance, there aren’t too many fruits on sale lately and I need my fruit fix.

At $0.63 cents a fruit serving, this mess-free (excluding naughty boys who think it’s AWESOME to squeeze this stuff out all over your coffee table) applesauce makes a great side snack for bento or just home lunch in general. If you can find a 12 pack in your market, give it a try! It probably won’t be as cheap as Amazon though.

On to the LOST stuff…


As I mentioned, I ended up finding myself in the premiere twice. Blink and you’ll miss me. In fact, if you pause you could probably miss me too, haha! Hey, I’ll take it! The flash sideways at the airport doesn’t seem like it’s resolved yet, as we have only seen Kate and Claire leaving.

Pikko Lost 1

If you’re wondering how the heck I know that’s me, I just know my face. Plus, I remember walking right behind that lady on the far right. Big thanks to Matt for giving me these screenshots.

Pikko Lost 2

This one is great if you want to see the back of my head and my butt. On my right shoulder is the tote bag my best friend gave out as favors at her wedding. That’s my hand, not an ear, by the way.

Woo!! It’s not much, but after thinking I was totally cut out, I’ll take it! I was in the season 6 premiere of Lost!!!! Yaaaay!!