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I carried this bento across the ocean and like, through time.

A couple of weeks ago my latest purchase from J-List came in and I’ve been waiting for the right bento to use it on and oddly enough, the time came today when I had to do my LOST bento. It was easy enough to come up with the idea for this one, but it ended up being harder to do than I thought, so I did kind of a simpler thing.

Bunny Box Carrier

Since I don’t want to splatter major spoilers on my front page, I’ve got a photo of this gorgeous box and those who want to see it can read under the cut. Fans that watched last week probably know what it is by the post title.

This is a three tier bento box by Hakoya and comes with a strap and matching chopsticks. It’s got a beautiful carrier and the chopsticks keep the box from falling over in the carrier. Last week, a new character on the island was introduced that chose to speak only Japanese. People probably remember him the most from The Last Samurai. I know I did.

In any case, this guy’s been on the island for who knows how long. You know this guy has been just DYING for a bento right? No matter how many times they raid Dharma food, I doubt there was ever one in there for him to lay claim on. So, this one is dedicated to the other Others Leader, whose name I don’t know.

Hurley's Guitar Bento

As you can see, this is the ankh that was inside of Hurley’s guitar case. I’d wanted to do the whole case top and bottom, but the sides were too hard, so I just laid it on top of the case. In the back box, I have garlic asparagus and some steak from Grandma J yesterday, along with a boiled quail egg.


I carved it out of carrot with my paring knife and it was actually pretty easy. I printed out three ankhs in case I messed up and then cut one out and laid it on top of a thick strip of carrot. I used another of the print outs to cut out the guitar case from nori, then laid it on two joined slices of cheese and cut it out with a toothpick.


Here’s a closer look at it. Luckily, I’d saved the cut out letters from my Lost spam musubis, so all I had to do was cut out an ‘O’ and that was done. The cheese guitar sits on top of torn lettuce, which I’ll eat as a mini salad with dressing I keep in the fridge at work.

Now that you’ve seen it, you know what we have to do, right?


Yes, we freak Hurley out and break that carrot ankh in half like a cold-hearted Japanese Other!! (Thanks Matt, for the pic)

Broken Ankh

I was going to add a little soy paper note folded up, but I didn’t have time. Just pretend it’s there. It’s got the names of all us bento bloggers on it.

I hope everyone enjoys tonight’s episode! I can’t wait to watch it. ^_^

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  • That’s a beautiful bento box and a nicely carved Ankh!

  • Excellent bento — loved the title too!

    By the way, the Japanese guy’s name is Dogen — according to

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  • Robby

    I’m quite impressed. You got me pumped for tonight’s episode!

  • I know, I love the box so much!! Definitely my new favorite. 🙂

  • Woo! Can’t wait!

  • freaking awesome, nothing else to say about this one. great use of the multiple long, skinny spaces in this beautiful and elegant box. nobody does LOST bentos justice like you do!!

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  • I LOVE THIS BENTO!!!! <3 You did such a fantastic job.

  • Oh my gosh this one is amazing of course!!! I cannot wait to see what will happen tonight! The case with Ankh is just perfect! I love your LOST creations!

  • Leslie

    I’ve got last week’s episode of LOST on as I type this. I keep thinking I see you in the background at the airport, but I haven’t seen what I think are the stills you put on the blog… yet. I Adore this new bento! The title is just as creative as the bento. I can’t believe you actually broke the Ankh (aaaack!). It’s probably better that you didn’t put the soy paper list in there, it would have been a mile long, and you would have had tocarve a carrot the size of a real guitar case to fit it in 🙂 I’ve seen the new box on J-list. It was added to my already very long Wish List. Enjoy the show tonight!

  • Oh cool, thanks Eileen!

  • Thanks gamene!! I <3 this box so much. I'll definitely be using it again soon.

  • Thanks Melanie!! Have fun watching tonight!! 😀

  • Glad you like it Jenn, I was surprised the ankh was so easy to do, same with the DS ring. I should carve carrots more often and see what else is possible.

  • LOL! One of my friends on Facebook was like, where’s the note???

  • Man, I would feel so cool carrying that box around! You inspire me to have more courage to free hand shapes with veggies.

  • Wow! That is fan-freaking-tastic! Too cool!

  • Mai

    You’re so funny! You sure put a lot of work in your bentos. Luv it!

  • Yummy and cool looking bentou as always! 😀

    And I love that bentou box! I’ve seen it before on J-List and had it on my wish list, but I don’t think I would get an opportunity to use it 😛

    Have a great day! 🙂

  • Cool bento box … very pretty!! Love to see your LOST bento. Admired your carving skill too 🙂

  • What an awesome Bento! Lost just gets better and better and I’m so sad it’s the final season!

  • Kathleen

    Nice job! I have that bento, too! Love it to death…especially with mini-onigiri. That ankh is awesome…!

  • I never watch lost but love Dr House and this bento could go with that theme too.
    The box is splendid. And I love the pink screen on your blog for valentine day!

  • I admit, I do feel really cool carrying around such a pretty bento box. 😉

  • Thanks Wendy!

  • Yeah, it’s an obsession already… 😀

  • Oh it would be a shame to have this box and not use it!! Thanks for the nice comment!

  • Thanks Lia. 🙂

  • Me too, sigh…

  • The mini onigiri?

  • Haha, it would? How is that? I love watching House too.