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Girl’s Day Contest

I did a spring bento yesterday, thinking that there wasn’t really any other theme I could do until St. Patrick’s Day next month, but then yesterday I went to Marukai and the place was decked out with a buffet of pink junk foods to give to girls on March 3rd, which is Girl’s Day. I think since Girl’s Day is the source of Baby Girl’s bento scorn, I’ve almost blocked the holiday out.

Hanaosushi no moto

I did some shopping for a contest for Easter next month, but also decided I had just enough time to do a small Girl’s Day contest. I have up for grabs five packets of hanaosushi no moto, which is pink powdered rice vinegar. While the contest is open to everyone, my readers in Hawaii should know that this is available at Marukai for only $1.99. However, I know everyone doesn’t have a Marukai membership, so Hawaii locals are more than welcome to enter too!

This packet is what I used to make the pink bear musubi in the recent Honolulu Advertiser article. I’ve also used it in several bentos:

It’ll be a great way to add pink to your rice. I should mention, though, that it has a very strong smell. If you love ume, it’s the perfect product for you, but I’m not too sure toddlers would enjoy the taste. Taste testing recommended first!

To enter, simply comment on this post telling me how you’d use it, whether it’s to make a pink star onigiri for your daughter or a flower themed bento for yourself or if you just want to give it to a friend. I have five packets available and each person can only enter once.

Please leave an email address that you check frequently, as I will need extremely swift responses when I pick the winners in order to mail it out in time for people to use it for Girl’s Day. Funny that I say that, since I’m probably the worst mailer on earth. Deadline to enter is Monday, February 22 at 2 PM PST.

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  • Hi Pikko, I read that article and saw all your bento boxes. My gosh! haha! I don’t know how I would use this product, but it sounds interesting. I like the roll inside the roll pictures on the package. Maybe I would try that. Later dudette.
    ps thanks for the heads up for Girls Day.

  • I would use it to make cute bunny-shaped onigiri for my friends 🙂

  • Jess

    Hmm… wow.

    While I’ve been out of bento-ing for awhile, I’ve realized that I never had a healthier sleep cycle than back last year when I was making bento every night before bed, and honestly I plan to get back in. Of course, since I sold everything, I have to start over from scratch getting supplies like molds and cutters and boxes, but I’m okay with that. I accept my punishment for abandoning the hobby! ^^;;

    I have always, always wanted to make the piggies! I think that would be the FIRST thing I do is make piggies for Peter’s work bento, and then I’d probably go for heart onigiri or something similar. It also makes a good “sakura” tree fluff, having used food coloring previously on rice…

    Anyways, I’m rambling. x_x

  • Amber S

    I’d like to use the pink rice vinegar to add some pizazz to my bentos. They’re normally super boring to see, with very little color (chicken and rice are my favorite staples). The pink would definitely add a nice touch!

  • Mary

    I would use it to make cute Hello Kitty onigiri.

  • Courtney

    I would use it to make a cute Pokemon bento. I would make a clefairy out of the pink rice. I could also use it to make a background for a scene with Pikachu! 😀

  • Tania Vivas

    Ive been reading your blog for some time and it is just AMAZING!!!
    Ive never done a great bento but ive started to do them when i have leftovers or have food the same day so its rare but knowing all things kawaii I know i would use this in one way or another……Who wouldnt want pink rice 😀 I mainly do bentos for myself because they do take some time but I definitely would like to get better making them Kawaii like they are meant to be and pink is totally kawaii :]

  • Heather B.

    I would use this to make bento for myself. Pink is a flavor. 🙂 Pink makes everything better.

    I’d likely end up doing a bunny themed spring bento. I can just see PINK ume riceballs with mame nori accents. These would be perfect in my sakura box.

  • Shelly

    I would make pink flowers, or perhaps little pink rabbits in a bento for my partner, I’m always trying to make her cute bentos, so I would totally love to do a bright spring bento since we’ve had nothing but gray days and snow here.

  • I think I’d have to make a pink elephant in honor of Dumbo, one of my favorite movies.

  • TrekkieGrrrl

    I’d love to have this simply in order to try it out! Since it’s not possible to get this here at all and I’ve been dying to see what it’s like…
    I’d probably mostly use it for my own lunch, perhaps make a pink sushi (I so want to try the sushi rolls that has a “picture” inside like the panda on the packet) and my oldest kid LOVES sushi. So that way, I could give her something for Girl’s Day.. she’s still my “little” girl even if she’s all grown up *sniff*

  • Enola Jones

    I have never heard of Girls’ Day! More information, please?

    As for me, if I had this, I’d use it to make a pink TARDIS in honour of one of my favourite Doctor Who characters, Romana. She usually wore a pink coat and wore something or other pink all the time, so it would be fantastic to make an onigiri in a TARDIS shape in her honour!

  • Rhiannon

    How cute! I love powdered vinegar and use it every day! This would be so fun! I’d make pink onigiri, totally. I have a question, though! I’ve never seen packages of colored sushi vinegar and wonder what ingredients color it. I’m vegan and an obsessive label reader. Is it just ume, vinegar, salt, sugar?

  • I would use it to make pink Hello Kitty onigiri for my two girls (and maybe some pink flowers for me!). Kuusou

  • bhevarri

    aww this is adorable! I love pink to no end!!

    If I won one of these packets I would either make a cute heart-shaped pink onigiri to fit with my bento, or just color/flavor my regular rice to give some extra fun! I have a sweet strawberry bento set, so pink rice would be perfect!

  • That’s a really cute bento.

    If I were to receive such an item, I would use it to impress the girl I like with a really cute bento. She often asks me to make lunches for her because she says I’m good at making cute bento box lunches that aren’t totally over the top.

  • And, by “that’s a really cute bento,” I mean, all of the links in your post.

    I’m so good at posting things that make sense… :

  • I would totally use it to make a cute heart onigiri for my husband, who doesn’t open his bento until he gets to work. >:D

  • Bree

    I’d use to make cherry blossom onigiri, plus pink happens to my favorite color. I have a mold that bought at ichibankan last year that would be perfect for it.

  • Night_Childe25

    Wow, you make some cute bentos. I would love to try some of that but it’s not available here. I would use the packet to make a fairy bento for my best friend. The fairy’s wings would be pink and I would make little pink flowers around her.

  • I would be thrilled to try this out! I JUST tried making pink rice for the first time on Friday. I posted the slightly goofy results on my blog but I would love to try to make a pink rice tulip bento for my daughter and myself. I’m not sure she would like the taste but she will try anything and who knows, she just might!

  • Samantha S

    Hi there! These packets are pretty cool, and I have never seen them before… time to hit up the internet to find some.

    I would probably make a breast cancer awareness bento, or possibly attempt a Hello Kitty bento by dying the rice pink and then having the Hello Kitty molded egg (with some orange and red fruit to add color). Ohhh… or I could even attempt a unicorn bento! The possibilities are endless. ^.^b

  • DeniseV

    I have a silicone muffin pan with cups in the shape of six-petaled flowers, so I’d make a cute pink flower onigiri for myself! Now to think of a yummy filling…

  • Uly

    Sure, count me in 🙂

  • sophie

    yummmm 🙂

    i would use it to make pink rice. 😛 but really, i’d use it to motivate me to start up trying to make bentos again–i got so frustrated about there not being a good, cheap supplies store around here for bento boxes/accessories so i’ve fallen back into old habits of eating it’s just way easier to eat unhealthy you know? esp. with school and all that fun stuff.. 😛

    anyways, thanks so much for holding this giveaway! love your blog & bentos 🙂

  • Regina

    I’ve actually been looking for this product in my local shops. So, this contest was perfectly timed! I’d use it to make heart and bunny onigiri

  • I’ve never used powdered flavoring before (probably because there’s not many Japanese grocery stores around me) but it sounds tasty! I would probably use it to make sakura shaped onigiri because I have a mold. Thanks!

  • Vanessa

    I recently purchased some ume vinegar and love the taste of it!
    I would use this to make pink heart onigiri for myself! =) Or maybe use the pink to make a base of an easter egg onigiri and fill in other colors with carrots, cuccumber, and maybe some purple cabbage. Maybe a tye dye type egg?

  • Sara S

    I will use it to make pink girl’s day hearts and to decorate easter egg onigiri =D

  • amy c

    I would use the packet to make a pink rice for a pink themed bento for my younger sister! i got her her first bento box before my semester started but i never had time to show her how to pack it!

  • jasmine McClain

    I am so excited for girls day this year! My little girl is finally somewhat old enough (2 yrs) to enjoy this sweet little holiday with me. If I were to get the prize I would make for Mischa her very first bento with a pink purse shaped onigiri with a hello kitty face on the front using cheese/nori. She is obsessed with purses and has had hello kitty themed everything starting from my baby So she calls her ‘my kitty’. I would expect her to like the flavor since she is adventurous when it comes to food and even loves hot sauce!

  • I would use it to make a cute “get well”-bento for my best friend who is in the hospital, going into surgery tomorrow. I would use all the things she likes, and make a pink and yellow (her favourite colour) bento :-DD

    I would also use some to make girl’s day onigiris for my friends at school – to convince them that this is much cooler than the traditional norwegian sandwiches they bring to school every day, which are only slices of bread with ONE topping. Ugh.

  • Amber

    o-o I think I would use it to attempt onigiri for all of my girl friends. I can never exactly get then triangular, so I’ve only ever made them ball shaped ones or these malformed triangles. v-v

  • Sie

    In all honesty I don’t know if I would win this, but wanted to share my story. Since my husband is deployed with the US Air Force he made an effort to send me a V day care package. Inside it has a pink jersey, pink ear muffs, a pink card and pink scarf. I told him that no matter how much I loved pink… That was way too much pink. We giggled about it and I mailed him his gifts. This last week I recieved another package… In it was random pink items that he must have spent hours searching for… I was so lonely that week, but seeing all that pink made me laugh so much. My hubby gets back soon, and LOVES bento and rice balls. If I had this item I would use it to make pink rice balls for when he got home.

  • Sie

    Thanks for this site. I visit a lot from and always love your bento! ^.^

  • leslie

    Unfortunately, I never did have a daughter. I have a great son (I have a blue boys day fish somewhere that I used to hang out for him). I would use the seasoning for myself (I know, selfish!) and the ever growing spring themes I find myself making. I don’t think this winter will EVER end! More snow on the way today…

  • Cathy


    I’d use this to make some pink onigiri’s for the yummy mummy lunch I am holding to raise money for CLIC which is a UK charity which raises money for children’s cancer.

  • Tako

    If I could (we live on opposite sides of the country now) I would make a flowers (and other pink things) themed bento for my very best friend for girls day!

  • Kelly

    Based on the limited supplies I have on hand, I think I would have to do a pink flower bento with this product. Or maybe just a simple pink background to cutesy up whatever else I end up eating. 🙂

  • Cynni

    I would really like to use it into spring bento to make pink sakura shaped flowers!

  • I recently bought a really cute pink and white onigiri bento box (it’s the same rabbit one you have, in fact!) which I use to take bento lunch to my college classes (because our school cafeteria charges $7 for a measly kaiser roll sandwich!), and I would love to make some adorable round pink onigiri modeled after rabbit-shaped mochi. I’m thinking of using red and green apple peels for the eyes and ears.

  • Bina

    I think I would use the magical pink powder to add some pizzazz to my onigiri. I love rice balls and I think the flavor and color would make them extra special for Girl’s Day. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest.

  • Liz

    I would use it to practice making fun shaped onigiri since I’m still pretty new at it, I’d like to start making fun shapes by hand but I’ve only ever used a mold. Maybe the pink will give me more inspiration!

  • Tamara

    I would make a heart shaped onigiri that i’d put in my boyfriend bento for our 2nd anniversary. <3

  • I would use it to make 2 pink bunnies-shaped onigiri for my best gurl friend who LOVEs pink color, just like I do!

    Both of our zodiac is rabbit!
    and 2 of those bunnies indicate..we’re Best friend forever:)

  • I only make bento for myself, but I love ume flavored things!
    I’d try to make some sakura petals with rice to match the upcoming sakura matsuri~

  • Raiden

    I want to use it to make a flower and heart shaped onigiri for my mummy because I LOVE her!

  • Ade

    am a PINK fanatic!

    allrighty, i would use it to make many many small little ball shaped onigiri with different smiley faces for the pot luck am going to attend this coming weekend, in conjunction with Chinese New Year and also the ONLY gurls gathering:)

    Gonna make everybody happy seeing such cute rice balls!

  • Lily

    I would like to use it to make heart-shaped onigiri as part my best friend’s bento lunch as a surprise on her birthday! Hopefully that will put a big smile on her face 🙂

  • Courtney

    I just came across your site through foodgawker and I love it! I also am just getting into making my own bento lunches and I love that too, I have been having so much fun and am working on my skills to make the cutest lunches ever hehe. I would absolutely love to throw some pink in the mix! Who knows what I could do, use my silicon flowers or hearts or try to design something else!
    Great site!

  • Amy

    I would use the rice pinkener (tee-hee) to make a get well bento for my best friend who had to miss out on chinese new year due to a tooth infection 🙁
    She very much deserves a cool girls day gift!

  • i love, love, LOVE ume, so the most important thing i would do with my packet is EAT IT, yummmmmers. i am also totally loving your new spring-themed pink sakura blog background, and i think i would try to make a sakura-shaped onigiri inspired by that. i’m pretty far from hawaii/marukai, so i’d love to win this! thanks for having this contest 🙂

  • Adri

    I’m not sure what I would make with pink rice…but I know I would have a blast surprising my husband by putting it in his bento…lol I’d be very interested in eating some myself too, as I don’t often get to eat ume.

  • Ariel

    Oh… my… goodness… PINK! I would turn ALL THE RICE I OWN pink. Though I might need more… It would make me incredibly happy. I love pink. 😀 I love ume. 😀 I love your blog. 😀 😀 😀

  • dlqh

    It would inspire me to make a cute pink bunny onigiri for my little girls bento. I can just imagine how happy it would make her!

  • Aimee S.

    I make bentos for the hubby and I think it would be awesome to make him some with pink rice!!!!

  • Oh, I’d LOVE to have a packet of these! I’d love to try and do some creative sushi for my girls with pink rice…..they’d LOVE it!!!!

  • I would try to make flower sushi. Or use it for a colour themed bento. Or maybe just use it if I don’t have any other red ingredients.
    A pink valentines bento would be nice, but I don’t think it would last for that long XD

  • K

    I’d love to use it for pink onigiri! Maybe use the animal-face egg molds with the pink rice to make even cuter ones.

  • Jeni

    What would I do with it? Probably use it to make onigiri on one of the days that I actually make lunch for myself and my brother. It would probably drive him crazy that it’s pink, but that’s half the fun!

  • Tami

    Wait, having a bento vision … a Parisian pink poodle!

  • I’ve never tried it, so I hope that I can win!

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  • Although I haven’t updated my blog in awhile I am still doing Bento! I would most likely use the pink coloring to make some adorable mini onigiri for my blue bento box.

  • Megan

    I’m a white girl from Utah but have spent a lot of time in Asia and LOVE the food of all cultures there. I just learned to make Kimbab and would love to make them a little cuter with this!

  • paula

    I think I might try to make a pink Hello Kitty bento.. might look a little funny, but taste good anyway.

  • Val Reily

    I would use it for myself and to make cute things my boyfriend can take to work (the ladies in his office look forward to my creations, poor guy..) I would make myself a nice pink/birthday-themed bento, because my birthday is on March 3rd! (I swear!) I will be turning 23. 🙂

  • Monica Lavoie

    I would love to use this to make my little girl a pretty bento. I think I would use it to make pink daisy Onigiri. My first one, since I just bought a Onigiri bento box to put it in!

  • Natalie N.

    If it’s vegan, I’d use it to make pink heart-shaped onigiri for me and my bff. 😀

  • KC

    Hii!! We have lots of marukai store here but couldn’t find this specific packet.. -__- Anyway, I’m going to use this to make a late Valentine’s Day bento for my bf. 🙂