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Girl’s Day Contest

I did a spring bento yesterday, thinking that there wasn’t really any other theme I could do until St. Patrick’s Day next month, but then yesterday I went to Marukai and the place was decked out with a buffet of pink junk foods to give to girls on March 3rd, which is Girl’s Day. I think since Girl’s Day is the source of Baby Girl’s bento scorn, I’ve almost blocked the holiday out.

Hanaosushi no moto

I did some shopping for a contest for Easter next month, but also decided I had just enough time to do a small Girl’s Day contest. I have up for grabs five packets of hanaosushi no moto, which is pink powdered rice vinegar. While the contest is open to everyone, my readers in Hawaii should know that this is available at Marukai for only $1.99. However, I know everyone doesn’t have a Marukai membership, so Hawaii locals are more than welcome to enter too!

This packet is what I used to make the pink bear musubi in the recent Honolulu Advertiser article. I’ve also used it in several bentos:

It’ll be a great way to add pink to your rice. I should mention, though, that it has a very strong smell. If you love ume, it’s the perfect product for you, but I’m not too sure toddlers would enjoy the taste. Taste testing recommended first!

To enter, simply comment on this post telling me how you’d use it, whether it’s to make a pink star onigiri for your daughter or a flower themed bento for yourself or if you just want to give it to a friend. I have five packets available and each person can only enter once.

Please leave an email address that you check frequently, as I will need extremely swift responses when I pick the winners in order to mail it out in time for people to use it for Girl’s Day. Funny that I say that, since I’m probably the worst mailer on earth. Deadline to enter is Monday, February 22 at 2 PM PST.