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Tsunami Warning

I’m sure by now everyone has heard about the terrible 8.8 earthquake that happened in Chile last night and that Hawaii is now under statewide tsunami warning. I’m writing now to let people know that I expect to be fine. We live on Oahu and I’m more concerned for my family on the Big Island, where the wave will hit first.

The sirens went off at 6 AM this morning and since I went to sleep watching Battlestar Galactica I thought that the cylons were attacking. LOL! Once I realized that it was for real and not a test, I woke up freaking out, but since Mr. Pikko was just pissed that he got woken up early and already knew, I settled down. I wasn’t old enough to remember the sirens going off for real, so it was totally creepy.

As some of you know, I grew up in Hilo and growing up in that town it’s hard to ignore the lasting remnants from the big 1960 tsunami, which I wasn’t alive for. There’s an old green clock down on one of the Hilo golf course greens that is stuck at the time of the tsunami, frozen in time forever and an eerie reminder of the big wave. If you drive down past Hilo Bay, you can see along the park sidewalk there are occasional dips, those are old driveways where houses used to be before they got washed away. The parking lot of our family’s florist was completely cracked and falling apart, something I’m told is because of the tsunami debri.

If you’re worried, don’t be. I’m not. We’ll be cautious and safe of course, but I think we’ll be fine. Worry more for the people of Chile or the Big Island. I remember the 2006 quake that hit the Big Island in 2006. It was a 6.7 and shook the dickens out of our house on Oahu, 200 miles away. An 8.8 is significantly worse and no doubt terrifying. It is scary that the big 1960 tsunami was from another Chile earthquake, though.

When I was a kid there was a big tsunami warning. My parents packed us up and we all went to my Uncle Mike’s house because he lived in a hill and had a spectacular view of Hilo Bay. We waited and waited and nothing happened and as a kid I was like, “Aww, where’s the wave?!” It must be an age thing, cause Baby Girl asked me if we could go to the beach and watch it come in. This from the girl who screams at 1 foot waves crashing in, haha!

Oahu Evacuation Maps

Anyway, to my fellow locals, take care and be safe! If you’re at Costco or Longs buying toilet paper, remember that whatever you buy, you gotta store in your house until you use it all up, so no go TOO nuts! 🙂

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  • cici

    My sister lives on Maui, so just checking all blogs. Enjoyed yours. Blessings to everyone in Hawaii today. We were coming to vacation in about 1 month. Now we will help you clean up, if necessary. cici

  • You could build a raft out of all your bento boxes and try to ride the wave… 😉
    Seriously, I hope you all stay safe and sound and don’t have to worry much longer.

  • Haha, sounds like a crappy vacation to me!

  • LOL!! Good idea! My furoshiki can be patched together as a sail!

  • HeatherG

    You and Susan were the first people I thought of when I heard the news and have been worried sick!!! Thanks for the update. I will still keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers. Heather

  • Das

    The green clock story reminds me of something from the movies or lost, where the time serves as a clue for something a few episodes later (or seasons in lost’s case). I had to look it up to see a picture.

    for anyone else whose curious:

  • Glad you guys are ok! Some parts of NZ are being evacuated at the moment but I live on a hill. Aparently one wave has already hit but the sea has gone out in one city. V scary! When I lived in Japan they were so on to it – not long after each earthquake there would be a map on tv with all the tsunami risk areas and people were really good about going in land. Here people are too complacent because altho we had one about 40cm last year, the last really big one was about 1960 (maybe the one you are talking about).

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  • Jennifer

    Wanting to see the wave come in is not an age thing. LoL. I told my mom I think we have a morbid fascination in destruction. I was trying to figure out if I could go to my friend’s house because she could see Hilo Bay from her front yard and my mom was like “don’t even think about it.” And we watched the news all morning. And all we got was the water at Coconut Island going in and out….in and out. LoL.

  • okwes

    i’ve been worried to too! hope all is well!

  • I’m glad you guys were okay!

  • Good to hear everything is OK right now, fingers crossed it stays that way!!

  • Thinking of you and yours! Hope all’s well, Pikko. <3

  • That was really sweet of you Heather! 🙂

  • Kind of creepy cool isn’t it? =

  • Yeah, the aftermath has been pretty interesting though, like finding out that some of the sirens don’t work even though they test them monthly. What’s the point of a test if you don’t notice they don’t work? lol

  • At first it was kinda exciting, but then when it was just the same water going in and out I got kinda bored. lol