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Happy Girl’s Day!!

On the way home yesterday, Buddy was zoned out on Cooking Mama yet again and when we were almost to our destination, he looked up and said, “Mommy, is this you?” LOL! He was asking if Cooking Mama was me! What a guy!

Girls of the US Bento

I’ve been going through a lot of emotional stress over something Final Fantasy XI lately, so I totally forgot to plan for my Girl’s Day bento. Oddly enough, when I woke up this morning, instead of the time flying by 5x faster than the speed of light, it slugged through in slow motion. I decided that I should try to utilize this mysterious time slugging and make a charaben, even with none planned and no rice except my 24 hour old one in the ricepot. The basic idea was to have girls from all over the world represented, but I ran out of space for onigiris and had to shorten it to girls of the USA.

From left to right is: Caucasian girl, Asian girl, African American girl, and Spanish girl. I’m not happy with Asian girl or Spanish girl because I think I cut their hair to look really dopey and Asian girl’s eyes are two different lengths. Wabisabi? 😀

I harvested as much non-crusty rice from the pot and mixed in hanaosushi no moto, something I hope my Girl’s Day Contest winners have gotten by now! It helps to make the rice more moist, so using old rice for onigiri is actually not too bad if you use the powder. I used quail eggs to make the faces and Caucasian girl’s hair is made from thinly sliced takuan. I liked her hair the best!

In the other tier I have rolled honey ham, sweet potato sakura, grape tomatoes, and half a clementine.

I have to head over to Shirokiya after work with Buddy so we can go find Baby Girl something nice. I think she’d like to get a little gift from him and it’ll be a good way to foster a “giving” relationship between the two of them. Lately all I get out of them is bickering.

See my other Girl’s Day themed bento:

I have two more Docubentory photos today!

I haven’t had time to put the latest ones into Flickr and add the lunches I’ve made with them yet, but hopefully this weekend or something I’ll get around to it. This is one of my earliest boxes that I got when Marukai was still a post-tornado store.

I don’t think I’ve used this once more than a couple times as I’ve said that I have a hard time using blue. What makes that statement even stupider is I probably have like four of this color in various types of boxes.

Marukai Zakka has all their bento stuff at 20% off until the 8th, so make sure you stop by if you live in Hawaii! This is a great time to buy all their expensive items such as cutters, punches, and boxes! As far as I know though, this is only for the Ward store. I have no idea about Dillingham.