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Teri-Q Winners!

Yeah, that’s right, I said winners! I sent my Aunty Joy my blog post and when she read up on all the cool favorite aunty stories, she offered to donate the last three bottles she has (more to be made in October) to my giveaway. That’s just another example of how awesome she is. I also need to congratulate her because just last week she welcomed her first granddaughter. Congrats Aunty!!

Teri-Q Winners

Congratulations to my four winners! Apparently was really into numbers ending with 1 today. Entry #31 is out of luck though.

I had a pretty awesome, yet busy weekend. I started purging books from my shelf, which had a ton of paperbacks I kept from college that I felt were impressionable but that I’ll probably never read again. Unfortunately, this removing of books cause a lot of dust to kick up and Mr. Pikko sneezed constantly the rest of the day. For Mother’s Day, Buddy made me a gift at school and promptly opened it himself because, “I made it, Mommy!”. Oh kids.

Mr. Pikko got me roses and almost sliced off a finger with a thorn. Baby Girl got me a cute card. I made Grandma J a scrapbook of kids pictures to help use up photos of all the grandkids and my scrapbooking materials. I baked a horrible disaster of a cake, which I have named the Earthquake Cake. I know it’s probably hard to believe, but it actually tasted freaking fantastic.

I had started an AiBento calendar to map out how I’d be doing all my bento and posts for the next week but apparently this was really just a great way to curse every single one of my planned out events. I completely forgot to do my LOST Party Food thing on Saturday, so that gets moved to tomorrow. Then I overslept this morning, making it impossible to do my Robot theme entry for the Kawaii Bento Club contest. It’s almost like life doesn’t want me to plan it out.