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Bunny & Bear Charaben

This week, the Marukai Irrashai newsletter should be coming out with the first of three mini bento tutorials by me. I’m excited, to say the least. Marukai puts up their newsletters online, so I should be able to link to it soon.

I had to turn in the next installment today and I thought I’d give you guys a preview since this is my lunch today.

Bunny Bear Bento

The full bento and details on how to cut out these animal shapes will hopefully come out in a newsletter next month.

This past weekend was an eye opener for me. I found out that I own a crapton of clothes and that moving after living in one place for six years is going to be much harder than I anticipated. Just a quick post today!

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  • Becca

    Moving is never easy, good luck!
    What I did was make a big pile of all my clothes and try everything on. Anything that did not fit or I knew I’d never wear again was put on one side, the rest in another pile. Ended up taking 2 bags of clothes down to the local charity shop. 🙂
    (but I was sorting my stuff to move to another country, there’s only so much you can fit in a suitcase and your parent’s attic!)

  • This one looks really cute – I always think the pink shapes look like sweets! Good luck with the packing. Flylady has some great moving house tips

  • This is so cute! And it certainly looks yummy. Looking forward for your tutorial to be available! 🙂

  • congrats on the tutorials, so cool! wish i lived in hawaii so i could get one of those newsletters. bet these will inspire more people to try bento – the animal shapes look simple enough to be do-able, but soooo cute, and i love everything you’ve put in the box!

  • Cute charaben! Congrats on the Marukai newsletter, I can’t wait to see it! 🙂

  • Thanks Becca! I really do need it! D:

  • Thank you for the link, Asfora!

  • It will actually be out at the end of June, so it will be a bit!

  • Haha or not, there it is now on their site!

  • Thanks Gamene! I tried to keep it easy, though I guess the punches are hard to get.

  • Thanks Susan! It’s on their site now!