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Breakfast Bento

This morning I suffered yet another blow to my bento ego from none other than my resident 6-year old anti-bento daughter. Last night, I’d asked her what she wanted for lunch today.

Baby Girl: What did I have for lunch on Friday?
Incompetent Mother: A ham sandwich. (which she made herself)
Baby Girl: Well then, you know what comes next. Spam musubi!

She’s been alternating the two every other day. I don’t know how she does it, but she doesn’t seem to get bored with ham sandwiches. Grandma J let her make her own one day and ever since then, she gladly makes her own ham sammie. It’s pretty cute.

Anyway, I made her a bento, which will appear in my third and final Marukai Bento Tips that had rice, sweet potato, fried ham rolls, and cherries. She saw it and rejected it, even though I’d made a cute little koala out of boiled eggs. She made herself a ham sandwich. 🙁


Since I’d been anticipating her taking it, I made this bento for myself, but ended up eating it for breakfast since I now had two bentos. It was actually a pretty nice breakfast. I had sato shoyu turkey hot dog with sweet potato and furikake rice. In the other tier I had assorted pickles and a boiled quail egg. I packed it in one of my new boxes from J-List, the Soup Style Bento Box. I had left my Zojirushi thermal jar in the work dish rack, so I couldn’t pack miso soup, but basically you’d pack something similar to what I have and then you could use the top lid to hold your soup. It’s a very pretty box and I’ll definitely have to pack it again!

Short post today, as I’m exhausted. Hopefully I’ll have a contest entry bento tomorrow though!

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  • Nancy T

    Hey there, sorry to hear your daughter hasn’t been in a bento mood lately…when she grows up, she will remember all your bentos, and she will appreciate the love you put into them. I recently came across your blog right around the time of the Lost finale. I was so blown away by all of your bentos, especially the creative ones you did for the show! amazing stuff! I look forward to seeing what you come up with, and have recently starting taking bentos to lunch. I recently made the sesame choy sum recipe that you posted a while back – it was so yummy!! thanks for all the creative ideas you share, and your wonderful works of art!!

  • My eldest (now 5) loves to come up and look at whatever I am making and say “I don’t want that”..ughh. I got so sick of hearing it everyday the new rule is that sentence is no longer in her vocabulary and she must take a “no thank you bit” before she can tell me she doesn’t want it. Luckily since I started doing the bentos there has been no issues, she loves it all…but I wait for the hammer to fall sometimes…lol I agree with Nancy, when she looks back she is going to love that you took the time to do this for her and she’ll appreciate it more. Love the new box, I saw this and wondered what the side looked like, now I know, perfect 🙂