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EasyLunchBoxes Make Easy Home Lunches

A while back, I received a box of sample items from EasyLunchBoxes for me to do a review. I had meant to post this months ago, but they went out of stock and so I decided to hold off on this until now.

I had heard of these boxes on Twitter, because for a bit, anyone tweeting about bentos immediately got some kind of reply tweet about them. I took a look and after determining that it seemed like overpriced Ziploc containers trying to get in on the bento craze, I decided to pass. A complimentary set of items for review, however, is something I will gladly do. By now I’m sure you guys know, I’m not afraid to be honest just because I got a freebie.

I feel ashamed to admit it, but even months later, I have still some bento snob in me and prefer to call these “home lunch boxes” instead of “bento boxes”. Anyway, moving on.

Sandwich Bento

First off, I have to apologize for the photo because this one was taken with my phone. I busted out my Nikon to take a nice photo only to remember that I’d killed my battery by leaving the camera hooked up to my work computer the other day so that I could edit some office photos. So, phone it was. My P&S was dead too. The other photos were taken when my camera wasn’t quite so non-functional. Read on for my review and a giveaway!

I made a sandwich for this first lunch because these containers are obviously made for packing sandwiches. I packed lettuce on the side to put in before eating and also stuffed in some veggie sticks. The containers come with two side dish containers that are completely separated. I put more veggie sticks in one and a single serving of hummus in one side and grapes in the other. A fairly straightforward lunch.

The containers in general look pretty standard, like plastic Ziplocs with separated areas, but are much sturdier than your regular supermarket containers. The lids come in a variety of colors (all imprinted with the logo and URL) and snap on pretty nicely, but if there’s any amount of hard food (like grapes) over the little ledge inside each area, the lid can pop off. This is easily solved with a rubber band or bento strap, but I don’t think the boxes come with its own. At least, I didn’t find any in my sample box.

Lasagna Bento

This was a rather hastily thrown together lunch for Mr. Pikko, but that’s a good thing in the morning when you’re in a big hurry. This has lasagna, garlic bread, some orange slices, and a small green salad that I made by just ripping the lettuce apart. I had to trim the orange slices some to make the lid fit on. As you can see, it fits a good amount of food, just a bit smaller than a standard too-much-food plate lunch.

Field Trip Bento

In this last lunch, I decided to go a little fancier to see how a pretty bento fared in the box. I made star sammies with lettuce border and orange slices for garnish. In the side containers, I put grapes, a fruit by the foot, an a lychee jelly. These are Baby Girl’s favorite things, but unfortunately she’s in a “meat phase” right now and the bread and lettuce all came back. I asked her what she ate first and she said the lychee jelly.

Of course.

Easy Lunch Boxes also sells lunch bags, which have light insulation and the containers fit inside perfectly. They are priced at $7.95 and are pretty sturdy, as I’ve carried all of my lunches to work for about a month now and haven’t had it break on me. I swung it around to give it some wear and tear and it still held up nicely. You can fit more than one lunch container in there, but if you only use one and an ice pack, that works too.

Anyway, I was quite pleased with the amount of food I could pack into the container for a field trip. Plus, since the containers are hardy, but not all that precious in the looks department, so I wasn’t too worried about Baby Girl bringing it back with scratches or mud stains on the bag. I usually get all frantic if she brings back my bento box with scratches and food spilling into her backpack.

Since I liked the product and use it a decent amount, I have no qualms about recommending it to moms looking for a good container to pack home lunch in, for younger kids, older kids, or for husbands. I don’t think it’s a good container for a more typical bento lunch (with onigiri and meat and veggies) for younger children (around preschool to first grade) as it’s actually a little too big and you would probably have a hard time filling it unless it’s a sandwich.  I need to give it a try with rice before I can give an accurate verdict on that though.

Kids with growing appetites would probably do well with a box this size for bento, especially boys, since it doesn’t look cutesy or girly, but can still pack a lot of food.

Easy Lunch Boxes

Easy Lunch Boxes sells the containers 4 to a set for $13.95, which makes each container around $3.50 each. They stack within each other, which is good for storage, and they’re dishwasher safe. They fit in my bottom rack along the sides, though mine came out with those ugly soap circles on them and I had to rinse them again. This is probably my dishwasher’s fault.

In addition to providing me with samples, Easy Lunch Boxes has also agreed to sponsor a giveaway. To enter, simply comment and tell me which of the three lunches I made for this review you liked the best, and what you would pack in one of these if you won. Deadline to enter is Friday, December 3, 2010.

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  • Mr Pikko’s lasagna lunch is my fave…looks so yumm!

  • The picture of the lunch with the lasagna in it was what made me read this blog post. So to find out there was a contest at the end was a plus! If I owned this lunch box, I would pack tofu stir fry in it and use the two smaller sides for fruits like grapes or kiwi and a sweet treat like peanut butter cups or gummi bears. Since I work in a shopping mall, I pack lunches frequently so I don’t spend a fortune eating in the food court 5-days a week.

  • M

    I like the lasagna one best. I think my husband would like to have lunch packed in one of these!

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  • Missy M.

    Definately the last one, for Baby Girl, because it looks like something my 3.5 year old daughter would adore

  • Katherine Bean

    I like the star sammies the best. 🙂 I’m a sucker for shaped sandwiches.

    I think I would pack rick and chicken apple sausage in the big part, drizzled with a light sauce, and I would put grapes in the first small part, and jello in the second. I love me some jello.

    I’m just getting into the bento lunches, and am having a ton of fun exploring bento blogs. I am subscribing to yours. 🙂 Got here from Happy Little Bento.

  • Anita

    I definitely like the lasagna best! And something along that line is probably what I would pack – leftovers from dinner 🙂

  • That lasagna lunch looks tasty!

  • Katherine Bean

    I knew I had something wrong. My work computer doesn’t look out for me like my home one. I hope everyone can forgive me, I meant rice and chicken apple sausage.

  • Lasagna! When I saw that I thought “we haven’t had lasagna in ages….”

  • GuammieGirl

    Love the star sandwiches, shows you can make a plain looking lunch box more attractive by the way you present the food.

    I’d pack a big salad with a side of cut up veggies in the main compartment then hummus in one small compartment & salad dressing in the second small compartment.

    I do have some questions though…
    1) Have you used it in the microwave? How did it fare?
    2) Do red sauces stain the plastic?

    -GG 🙂

  • I haven’t used it in the microwave yet and nope, no red stains!

  • I like the one with the star shaped sammies. That one looks a lot like one I would send to school with my 3 year old son. Except his would have some cheese and crackers in place of the lychee jelly and fruit by the foot. 🙂

  • Rexy

    I like Mr. Pikko’s lasagna the best. It looks pretty substantial and filling for a lunch.

    I’d probably pack rice with braised chicken or stir-fried eggplant in the large compartment. In the small sections I’d probably pack some salad greens and a little container of ginger salad dressing.

  • Loved the one for Mr. Pikko it looks like the lunches I pack for Jon. If I had one I would make a mini kielbasa and chesse biscuit sandwich cut to fit in the larger of the two small pockets, a hard boiled egg in the other to have my breakfast and the large one would be for something messy FINALLY (Its hard to do spaghetti in a bento box without lining it with lettuce or syran wrap!) like onion and potato pierogis with butter and steamed broccoli to wipe up left over butter so incase the broccoli is too large it will fold under the pressure of the lid.

  • sammi

    i like the lasagna one the best. i would pack rice, garlic chicken and broccoli

  • Kelly

    I liked the lasagna lunch best of the three you posted, but mostly because I love pasta! The star sandwiches were great too, because they were cute, but I have to go with yummy lasagna as my fave. If I had these containers, I would certainly be a sandwich packing gal. I eat sandwiches for lunch most days anyway and this seems like a great way to pack it along with some grapes and probably something for a snack like fruit snacks or something. I have plenty of lunch bags that I’m sure this would fit right into with an ice pack and I usually just have water to drink. 🙂

  • Michelle

    I liked your picture of the lasagne lunch for Mr. Pikko, but if I was making lunch for myself it would be more like the top lunch since I would want to heat the lasagne and bread without first having to either eat or remove the salad & fruit.

  • claudia sharp

    I like the star sandwich lunch the best! Shaped sandwiches always get me… I would pack shaped sandwiches in the big compartment with fruit and dessert (apples and cookies) in the smaller two. Thx for the opportunity to try these boxes!

  • bridget

    Well, the star sammies are supah cute, but I really want some LASAGNA! I’ve been meaning to make some for weeks. I would use them to pack my lunch (for the office) and my daughter’s lunch (for school).

  • Paulina

    Mr. Pikko’s! Lasagna and garlic bread makes for an awesome lunch! *drools*

  • Cris

    I like the star sammies the best. If it were me, I’d go for … star lasagna! Pray it doesn’t slide around. In the other little sections I’d have jello with fresh cut up pears (they don’t turn brown in jello!) and cutup English cucumbers with cherry tomatoes (unless it’s a cold November in Michigan, which it is, in which case I’d avoid those awful grocery store tomatoes).

  • I like the lasagna lunch, mainly because I am very partial to lasagna. I could seriously have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 🙂

    Btw, only the first picture you posted showed up in Google’s Reader? I don’t know if it’s a Google thing, but thought I would let you know. 🙂

  • I’m glad to hear that red sauces don’t stain the plastic! I’ve had to throw away many a plastic container because of pasta and curries. I know they are supposed to be disposable, but it feels like such a waste.

  • Kathy

    The star sammies are my favorite. I’m all for easy lunches, so it would be leftovers such as mochiko chicken, furikake rice, and veggies!

  • Dee

    I love the star shaped sandwiches! I always pack home lunches for my children, since I refuse to pay $2.20 for school lunch! Mine aren’t anything fancy like yours though…but if I win the set, I’d pack sanwiches, fruit and a sweet treat for my children!

  • Elvina

    The star sammies are so cute! I wish my mom made me cool-shaped sandwiches when I was a kid.

    I’d pack a square of the baked ziti i made the other night with some fruit and spinach (I’m a sucker for the sauteed stuff, especially with garlic) in the smaller compartments.

  • Michelle

    The lasagna one is definitely my favorite. I’d pack a lunch with a salad with dressing in one of the side dishes (yay no soggy lettuce) and grapes in the other side.

  • Julie

    My favourite would be the lasagna, though it was a close call between that one and the one with star sandwiches.

    Me, I’d be packing a nest of garlic-tomato pasta with greek meatballs, and a small salad on the side, dressing in the last container.

  • I like Mr. Pikko’s lunch! Is the garlic bread home-made? I want some since I saw the picture!

    I don’t know whether this is an international give-away, but I’d pack the sides with fruits (the oranges look great) and a salad – but probably rather mixed salad with tomato feta and maybe corn. (I’m getting hungry…) For the big part I see some kind of risotto, we usually don’t use so often the squared American bread-type. I can’t imagine a baguette in there!

  • The lasagna one, for sure. I love lasagna and garlic bread. I would pack it with hamburger macaroni (I made some last week without the help of Hamburger Helper!), some salad, strawberries & sliced apples, and cherry tomatoes!

  • Amy Powell

    I liked the stars sandwiches. I would probably do sandwiches, but that’s cause that’s all I do!

  • Becca

    I liked the lasagna one, it’s exactly the kind of thing I’d pack for my nearly-husband for when he goes to work. Having a seperate section for snacks and etc is nice, it’d stop sandwiches from getting soggy. :p

  • Becca

    Oops, forgot to say that I’d either pack leftovers or a sandwich in the main section, along with fruit/veg and a snack in the smaller areas.

  • Sara

    I like the star sammie’s best! I try not to pack items requiring reheating in plastic, my husband likes to “go hot” and leave holes behind. So I would probably pack a basic turkey sandwich, veggies (carrots, celery, tomatoes, etc) with a laughing cow cheese wedge and a clementine. 🙂

  • the lasagna looks yummy, but like a man-sized lunch. I think I’d probably be happier with your daughter’s lunch, and probably eat the lychee jelly first 🙂

  • I’d have to go with Mr. PIkko’s lunch!

  • Timeeka

    The lasagna lunch is definitely my favorite, though the stars come close. The separators are nice; I hate when my sandwich gets soggy because of something else I’ve packed.

  • Laura

    I like the star sandwiches! I think these containers look great for just a basic lunch when I’m too lazy to make anything fancy. Just fill er up and go!

  • I like the lasagne lunch the best- it’s pretty close to what I’d pack for my own Hubby. : )

  • Ryeblossom

    Hmm… The lasagna lunch looks good, but the sandwich lunch looks so healthy. For some reason, right now the sandwich lunch looks more yummy to me.

    But… I think DH would like better a lasagna for lunch ^_^

  • The star sammies!!

    I’d pack fresh salad with rice/bread/salty biscuits.

  • I like the lasagna the best.

    I would pack a nice salad with dried cranberries and nuts, with hard eggs and fruits on the side. Or I can totally imagine my Thanksgiving leftovers in these boxes!

  • I really like the star sandwich.

    I would probably pack a shepherd’s pie as I have started to make winter dishes, with salad and veggie sticks with goat cheese and a clementine.

  • Piper

    lasagna please

  • Stephanie Rempe

    I am also kind of on the fence with these containers! Would love to give ’em a try though! Been stalking your blog for weeks now, just wanted to say I love it and the lasagna is my favorite of this post. Always looking for creative things for hubby’s lunch! I probably pack mini sandwich roll ups, with clementine and cucumber slices w’ ranch dip in it if I won, because thats the most common request in my house right now!

  • Varenikje

    Hmm…first I thought I liked the sandwich one because I love homus and I have never tried an individual pack of homus like that. Then I thought, the star shaped sammies looked cute, so really I would go for the star shaped sammies and the homus and veggies. And I would eat my lettuce. Honest.

  • I would have to say the lasagna as well. It looks so good it’s making me hungry right now (and I Just ate lunch too)!

  • Delicia Jackson

    I take a sandwich for lunch a couple times a week- so the lasagna looks great!
    I saw the hummus cup- i need to find some single servings – I love hummus too!

  • Mr. Pikko’s lasagna – now that it’s getting cool, I love a hot lunch. Why I’m attracted to these lunchboxes is that my son is getting more interested in sandwiches and they are hard to squeeze into the bentos we’ve been using.

  • Juventas

    Have to say Mr Pinko’s lunch looks most watering…i definitely need to make some lasagna tomorrow

  • Michelle Stuck in Hilo

    I like the Star Sammies! That bento looks so cute! Did Mr. Pikko’s lasagne stain the plastic? So many of my ziploc containers are stained because of tomato sauce; my co-worker would put plastic wrap in the container first, then load it with her chili and when she heated it the plastic wrap would still be intact!
    Love your blog!

  • Anileh

    The photo featuring the lasagna is my favorite … but then again, I love lasagna! If I owned the containers, I’ll admit, I’d give them away to my mother and aunt who daily make meals for my homebound grandmother. They’re forever saving and collecting fast food plates/containers in order to have containers to pack grandma’s meals. These seem like a perfect solution. I plan to keep this in mind for holiday gifts. 🙂

  • Lollina

    I really like the bentou with lasagna, it seems so yummy and makes me hungry.

  • kelly c

    the bento with the garlic bread looks yummo! I would probably pack some curry, mini-blue berry muffins, and carrots in it for my boyfriend to take to work.

  • Andrea

    I like the third lunch the best, because it has star sandwiches! And I’m a sucker for anything served on a bed of lettuce 🙂 I’d pack big salad and carrot sticks in the main compartment, some little sandwiches in one of the small sections, and in the last part, apple sections with peanut butter… I love PB. (:

    I like that the sections are completely separated, since I’m always afraid to pack anything slightly watery or juicy because I know it’ll get all over my other food.

  • Hmm…first I thought I liked the sandwich one because I love homus and I have never tried an individual pack of homus like that. Then I thought, the star shaped sammies looked cute, so really I would go for the star shaped sammies and the homus and veggies. And I would eat my lettuce. Honest.

  • Mr. Pikko’s lasagna – now that it’s getting cool, I love a hot lunch. Why I’m attracted to these lunchboxes is that my son is getting more interested in sandwiches and they are hard to squeeze into the bentos we’ve been using.

  • Varenikje

    You know, it might just be me, but it almost looks like Marisol’s post is word-for-word the same as mine. And flipping back to your original post, it seems to say that the drawing would close Dec 3. Hmmm… you are alive out there, aren’t you?