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Lock & Lock Giveaway

The other night, I was putting Buddy to sleep and I kissed him good night on the lips. He grinned ear to ear and shyly told me that this meant that we would get married. I told him I can’t marry him, cause I’m already married to Daddy, so he asked if he could marry his sister. When I told him that was against the rules too, he picked out a girl at school. I asked how he would ask her and he said, “Can I please marry you?” Awww!!

Today I will be continuing my review on Lock & LockΒ  and hosting a giveaway of two Lock & Lock sets sponsored by All Things for Sale.

Stew Bento

I packed this lunch yesterday, but I ended up going home sick with an ocular migraine. It’s got some leftover hamburger stew with rice. To make the carrot flowers, I simply removed some of the stewed carrots, rinsed them off, and cut them with a vegetable cutter. All Things for Sale has the exact set that I have here. Read the first part of my review here.

The Lock & Lock Box I’m using today is exactly the same as the one yesterday, but this one comes with a little water bottle that fits nicely on top of the two boxes. I’m assuming this one was supposed to come with the same set of chopsticks, but they weren’t in it. Either this is a minor oversight or my kids sniped it while I wasn’t looking and they’re being used as flagpoles or mysterious stakes in the yard. I sure hope not. I put the ones from the other set in with this photo.

The water bottle is secure enough. I lugged it to work, back home, and back to work without any spills. Under the pop cap is a screwtop cap, offering double protection against leaks. I drank the water that had been sitting in there for about 36 hours and was pleasantly surprised that there was no plastic taste.

While the main dish box passed the test and leaked no stew, I can’t say the same for the interior of the divided container. I intentionally filled one section with mandarin orange slices and a little bit of the juice to test the leak-proof factor. No liquid leaked outside, but I did find juice in all three sections of my fruits. Not that big a deal since it’s all fruit and avocado, but it’s not as internally secure as I thought.

Despite this minor flaw, I still love it and still recommend either set. If you’d like to win one, head over to the All Things for Sale site and then comment here, telling me what item you wish you would get for Christmas, excluding the items being given away here.

Lock-n-Lock Bags

I will draw two winners from this post. The first will receive the red set with the water bottle and the second will receive the blue set. A couple of rules:

  1. Deadline is Friday, December 10, 2010 at midnight Hawaii time.
  2. ONE comment per person.
  3. Invalid comments will be deleted.
  4. If you are emailed about the prize, you must claim it within 48 hours or it will be awarded to someone else.

Good luck!

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  • Kay

    Great lunch! Hope you’re feeling better.

    I LOVE the 2-tier panda face bento box- SO cute!

  • Anita

    I Love the animal picks. I don’t usually put picks in my boxes, because, as an adult, I don’t normally do “cute”, but I totally would use these – I think they would make me smile πŸ™‚

  • Those are cute sets!

    My little guy isn’t old enough to want to marry me yet but I’m kind of looking forward to that day. <3

  • I would love to have a good nori punch for facial details like the Japanese Bento Decoration Seaweed Cutter Nori Puncher Wink for sale at All Things For Sale. Sorry about your migrane. I would love to win one of these sets!

  • Julianne L

    I would love the “Rilakkuma Key Cover Set of 2 Cute San X Gift”. The key covers with the bears on it is so ridiculously adorable!

  • I love this box. I’m dieting and I swear, it’s all about portion control. Small compartments like that can hold enough small snacks to see me through a day.

  • Hariet

    awww. there’s nothing like knowing that even if you missed a good lunch it’s still there waiting for you!

    these look perfect to bring into work! I have one of those container store ones but i don’t like that they don’t unstack which makes reheating hard. and it all gets jostled around more.

  • I want this set!

    I love pink and I prefer meals heated up, so this microwavable container is great! Plus, I don’t own a single bento box. I just “oooh” and “aaah” over other people’s boxes!

  • kadusey

    I’d love to get any of their cute little soy sauce containers as a present. I never seem to remember to buy any myself.

  • Derek

    it sounds funny but i would actually like one of the banana cases because i always take a banana with me to work and sometimes… well.. you can imagine what can happen when i forget about it in my pocket.

  • Corinth

    For Christmas (or my birthday, or Valentine’s Day, or pretty much any day) I would like one of those cute bunny shaped soap holders in off-white. It’s so cute and one of those items that would just make you smile every time you saw it.

  • I love the two tier panda bento, is so cute.

    PS. is this competition open to international readers?

  • Jean

    They have such a good selection, it’s hard to decide! If I had to choose just one, it would be the pretty Japanese kitchen aprons. Wearing one, everything I cook would be just as pretty – I hope!

  • Jen

    As I have yet to buy bento gear, a) all of the stuff over at all things looks like so much fun, and b) it would be GREAT to win some.

    If I had to pick, I’d love the soy sauce containers. Specifically this set because it comes with a box to organize them in! (

  • Michele Court

    Oops….. that’s what I get for not reading carefully…… I would have to pick the Hello Kitty set. I love Hello Kitty and have been hankering for a HK Bento set.

  • Harrison

    the bento looks amazing πŸ™‚ love the carrot flowers

  • I really like the “Yellow Cat” bento box lunch bag!

  • Andrea

    I love love love the red 2-tier bento box with the silver rabbits on it:

    And it’s microwavable! *swoon*

  • Kuroneko
  • I’d love to have some nori punches for Christmas. Of course I’d love to win your contest too. In any event, Happy Holidays to you!

  • Robin

    I would love to have a new bento set for Xmas! I need some inspirational goodness.

  • Erin

    I am IN LOVE with the yellow kitty bento bag. It is SO cute!! ^.^

  • Brenna

    I wish Santa would bring any of those nori punches. They’re so cute, and it’s so tough to cut them freehand!

  • Alicia

    I would get it’s cute but not too girly so I could make my boyfriend a bento with it too πŸ™‚

  • I love the Multi-Purpose Bento Lunch Bag Back Pack – Cute Green Frog Backpack, it’s so cute!! My sons will love it. πŸ™‚

  • Rexy

    The 2-tier panda face bento box set is really cute.

  • Adri

    I would love the Wooden Japanese Sushi Boat to display the sushi I make. I see them at sushi restaurants all the time and think they are an awesome idea!

  • Deann

    I love All Things For Sale. I’d love to get more of the sturdier than average silicone cups like these - We use ours all the time and I always wish I had more! I also would love a Hello kitty egg mold. Oh, and some long food picks πŸ™‚

  • christine w.

    lock and lock containers are the best! this set would be awesome to hold my snacks throughout the day.

  • What a great giveaway–I think those Lock and Lock containers look fabulous.

    If I were buying from the All Things For Sale, I’d be buying the forest animal soy sauce containers. We use the ones we have all the time, but my daughter keeps stealing them to use in her games. The perils of parenthood.

  • Ardwynna

    Eee, they have bento back packs in both frog and turtle! I am so torn! I could use some sturdier food picks though and the leaf set seems just right.

  • Cheryl

    I would get the assisted open chopsticks!!!

  • bunny

    oh, the animal soy sauce bottles. so cute!

  • Spencer E

    I would love to get the Bento Rice Mold Triangle, as my hand-made rice triangles often look terrible!

  • kim

    So much to choose from. I would love to have one of those pocket sandwich cutters for my kids bento.

    Love your blog, I get so many great ideas.

  • Silly Emmy

    I want this. ->

    I need/want a new apron but I refuse to buy one without at least one pocket and its so cute! I like to feel cute while I am cooking. Plus I live in a dorm two floors above my common kitchen so I lug my stuff up and down to cook my meals/ pack my bento. having an apron helps me when sleep deprived college students run into me!

  • Shannon

    I’ve got lots of stuff in a shopping cart over there, but my daughter in particular would love the Hello Kitty egg mold.

  • Your son is just so sweet!

    I would love to get the leaf picks or the red flower designed japanese bento box for Christmas.

  • I think the Japanese Bento Box Lunch Box Set of 3 (blue/red/yellow) are super cute and look like they’d keep food items nicely separated. These would be a nice change of pace since I totally use my Lock-n-Locks at least 3x per week for lunch at work.

  • sammi

    I would really like one of those seaweed cutter punchers for christmas.

  • Everything you make looks delicious. I hope you feel better soon!

    I went over to the All Things for Sale site and found a “Japanese bento box 2 tier lunch box with strap duck face – round” that I’ve seen before and would absolutely love! I’m a big fan of ducks and bento boxes πŸ™‚

  • Shauna

    I would love to buy any of the Nori Punches, but especially the faces and then the Vehicle Food Fruit Pick. The picks and punches are really hard to find in my area so they’re what I always want to buy! Oh and I really want the Cute Green Frog backpack to go with my large collection of frogs. I could easily keep going with everything they have that I want, but I’ll leave it with these.

    Anyways, I hope you have a great Christmas and holiday season!

  • There is SO much Bento stuff I want there! I don’t have much yet, but one of the things I’m really wanting is some basic silicone cups for dividing wet foods in my bentos. The 5 piece set looks perfect:

    I’ve also been wanting to get some vegetable cutters:

    I’ve really been wanting to get some punches to make nori faces. However… my #1 item…
    OMG, I think I may HAVE TO HAVE the Elmo Chopsticks:

  • Neith

    Ooh, an excuse for window-shopping. The cups and sauce containers catch my eye. I tend to pack lunches that are meant to be heated, so cups would make it easy to pack fresh fruits and vegetables that I could then take out before microwaving. And sauce containers would be handy considering how much I love ketchup. I think I like the plain kind more than the animal-shaped ones:,

  • AmandaPanda

    I adore bento boxes and your blog! I’d make use of them if I won, that’s for sure.

  • γƒ¬γ‚€γ€€οΌˆRayοΌ‰

    At first glance, I thought that was some sort of extremely saucy curry. Stew and rice is a great combination. The color choices, in general, are nice as well.

    The giveaway sounds winful too. If I were to ask a certain saint for something from All Things For Sale, I’d have to go with the kitchen soup bowl spoon set ( ); I don’t have any Japanese spoons yet, and the stopper on it would be convenient.

  • Christine Sarah

    I’d like the Japanese Bento Accessories Sauce Container set of 4, because I use sauce all the time, but I put in a container that takes up way too much space, and isn’t entirely leak proof. I’m always worried it will spill all over my lunchbox, so I stick to thicker sauces, which generally aren’t as good for you as some basic soy. I also think the regular set is just plain adorable! It’d be fun to put some sort of say, strawberry sauce in the strawberry one.

  • I love the “yellow cat” bento lunch bag. It is so cute!

  • Anastey

    This set would be great for my hubby! He tends to be a bit rough on bento boxes and these look like they would handle the battle damage! I have some of the larger containers from the same brand and they have held up great for many years!

    It was really hard to pick a favorite thing on the site, they have a very good selection πŸ™‚
    I think I would like Santa to bring me a sushi rice mold, I’m horrible at making nigiri rolls by hand lol

  • Viola

    I really like the Microwavable Airtight Bento Lunch Box Set Green Small (the one that’s coming soon). I like the little fold-down bag with a strap!

  • Alice

    The koala bento box is absolutely irresistible! I can’t wait until my baby is old enough to start taking bento boxes for his lunch at school.

  • Cindy

    I’m also a bento beginner and need everything. I’ve been looking at All Things for Sale for a couple of months and am trying to decide what I want. I have a shopping list of wishes that’s much too long.

    I’ve been substituting some containers similar to the Lock&Lock for the bento boxes I don’t own. Bandanas make good furishikis, not to mention handy placemats/napkins. (Sigh, I’m not a neat eater.)

    So, if I’m being practical, first on the list is sauce containers. The “Japanese Bento Accessories Sauce Container set of 4 Animal” would be wonderful.

  • Becca

    I think the food picks are very cute, and I love the mini fork and spoon set! “Japanese Bento Box Lunch Box For Men Set Insulated Lunch Bag 1 Tier” would look good for the nearly-husband, as the few bento boxes I own are far too cute for him to use at work. πŸ™‚

  • Ravi

    The site has so many wonderful items! I would love the men’s black bento box set and several of the rice molds.

  • Laura

    I’m dying to buy one of the banana containers for my boyfriend! The man always wants bananas for work and I’ve actually heard these things are pretty nice!

  • “Mushroom Key Cover Cute” is my pick! (:

  • esther

    Definitely the deco-cutters! You can never have enough!

  • This is my favourite set because it’s super cute, as well as practical.

    I also get migraines, they’re the worst. I hope you’re feeling better.

  • Cris

    nori punches. I’m tired of making square eyes!

  • So sorry about your migraine, hope you are feeling better already.
    Just checked the website and I am so glad that they sale so many bento stuff, all this time I bought so much stuff directly from Japan, and it cost so much on s/h. So Thank you! I love the 2 tiers koala bento box ( And off course any set of lock and lock product πŸ˜€

  • I am just getting started with bento meals, so I would really love the Authentic Japanese Bento Box Lunch Box Set of 3. :o)

  • J

    I would like to get the sandwich cutter for Christmas (! It is so cute, and I’ve wanted something like this for some time. You can sprinkle cocoa powder on the little heart cut-out and make hearts on your PB&Js! ADORABLE!! ^.^

  • Margaret

    I would love to get a banana case. I always grab a banana and throw it into my backpack, but a banana + heavy textbooks = sad banana.

  • Malisa

    I am going to buy the cute nori punches! I can’t find them in stores out here- they are adorable and reasonably priced!!!

  • Dee

    I would get the Japanese Bento Accessories Soy Sauce FORREST ANIMALS container sooo cute!!!

  • Kiki

    I would get the decoration ham and cheese cutter the sea edition! Then I can make adorable sandwiches for work. [:

  • I would looove to get a food picks ( Face Food or Leaf)!
    The only thing close to them I can get in here are simple disposable wooden picks, and they are ugly and not safe to be in 7 y.o. bento box

  • giedre

    For myself, I like the cookie cutters or the picks, like the cute face food picks. Or the animal ones. Or the leaf ones. Those cute animal cups (i think they are the disposable ones) rock. I’ve never been able to afford any bento (being on disability) but I’m finally saving up enough money to get one. It’s not for me, though, that can wait, I think I might get that man’s bento, the flat one level that can be microwaved, for my husband, and wait to save up money for myself, unless I get lucky and get the lock and lock!

  • Yvette

    I would like the “Japanese Bento Box Lunch Box Set Gorgeous Blue with Bag” for Christmas Those soy sauce containers don’t look half bad either …

  • For Christmas I would like the Authentic Japanese Bento Box.

  • Carmen

    Aloha from Hawaii =)
    I would love to get the lunch box with Strap Koala Bear for Christmas.

    I personally own the Lock & Lock snack lunch box with 2 removable trays. One side I will put chili with rice, another side I put vegetable and meat. Perfect portion for my pre-school son, very practical.

  • clara

    i think it would really be awesome to have the froggy cutting board.

    the cutting lines would help a lot when cutting carrots to julienne strips πŸ˜€

  • Karen

    aha they have the heart sandwich cutter <3 want that!

    but that aside – thanks for the review on the lock n lock sets. have seen them in the shops, but was always hesitant to purchase. Increasingly tempted to get a set now πŸ˜‰

  • I must say I hesitate between a heart nori cutter and vegetable cutters (flower, )… though I think I’d go for the vegetable cutters, because I’d probably use them more! It might be just a small item, but I guess it would make me really happy, because it can be so versatile and used for many different bentos. (Though there are some fun boxes, too, that cutter attracts me more… am I weird?)

  • Mari.

    I would love to get the decoration Ham Cheese Cutter Set Animal (with 9 pieces) β™₯ would be great for my husband and mine bentos (^-^)

    OMG! After 36 hours no really plastic taste? 0_0 THIS IS PERFECT!
    I will buy, for sure, this set of Lock & Lock, it’s a must have item now u_u

  • Tricia

    Awww, your little guy reminds me so much of my son at that age–and we still call him Buddy, too! (He’s 17 now.) I would love the Panda 2-tier lunch box from All Things for Sale. Thanks for the chance to win one of the Lock & Lock Boxes. πŸ™‚

  • Elizabeth H.

    Awww! ^_^ Buddy’s proposal is super cute! I’d really like a small rice cooker for Christmas. I used to have a nice large one, but it finally died and I live in a small apartment now, so a small one would be perfect.

  • There are WAY too many things on their site I would LOVE to have! I am totally new to bento, so I have only a few picks and a few cookie cutters I have picked up, but no bento boxes or other cool bento gadgets yet. Anything from the all things for sale site would make me VERY happy πŸ™‚

  • Sile

    I put several bento supplies on my amazon wishlist from there yesterday! Including the sandwich press thing that’s kinda like sand de panda. I’ve been wanting one of those for yonks!

    i’ve stopped using the cutsey two tier bento boxes because they leak and aren’t practical anymore, and have mostly been using tupperwear. Would LOVE the lock n locks. Might hafta get some from here anyway since the prices are so insanely good! Thanks for the link!

  • Ana Macedo

    I would like to receive the set of 6 bento box, with all those small containers I wouldn’t get my food mixed <3 I'm the kind of person who in regular western food eats the rice and salad on separate plates 😑
    It's this one:
    And honestly, satisfying me this much with that sort of price… It's perfect =D
    I'll probably just go buy it to myself as a Christmas present haha

  • Andrea Abreu-Mercado

    I forgot to put a bento box on my wishlist!!!!! I jsut moved out of my mothers house and I used to “borrow” hers.

    These are so pretty and multi-purpose with the locking mechanism.

  • Multi-Purpose Bento Lunch Bag Back Pack Cute Strawberry
    THIS is what I want for Christmas. I even left the window up so when the man gets home from work, he gets a hint lol….
    But I am a teacher and I work with young kids so to me the strawberry is adorable and to them its AMAZING and they MUST see whats inside. Its such a great way to bribe them into a straight quiet line when it time to walk to the cafeteria XD Although I doubt I can wear it like a boog bag I think its child sized I would just carry it by the straps.

  • Kayti

    As far as bento gear goes, I would love a red more traditional looking bento. Something like this:

    Maybe someone will get it for me, but I highly doubt it. Something more reasonable would be the trade paperbacks of the Wizard of Oz comic books series. It’s not exactly in the same realm, but I would really like either of those things for Christmas.

  • I love the flowers that you used to decorate the stew. It seems like I can never get my carrots to cut that cleanly! Hopefully that migraine will stay away and never come back πŸ™‚

    Truthfully there are TONS of things that I want from All Things for Sale! But the two items that I would like first are:

    1 – The leaf picks which I see in lots of bentos and they are so pretty, but I’ve never seen for sale before.

    2 – The banana cutter tool because I’m allergic to bananas and can’t touch them, but my daughter loves to eat them. I would really like to be able to cut them up for her and this seems like a fantastic tool πŸ™‚

  • Maria

    I would love to buy one of these:

    Wooden sushi boat! So cool for homemade sushi, and it would look awesome for displaying other foods as well on a table.

    PS: Lock and Lock bento containers? Swoon.

  • Mariko

    No question — the panda bento box!

  • Amy Powell

    I want the Microwavable Airtight Bento Lunch Box Set Green Small. Too bad it’s not in stock right now! So maybe I’d get the Japanese Bento Bag Insulated Lunch Bag for Bento Box.

  • Zora

    I would love to get the koala bento box, so cute!! πŸ™‚

  • Kim

    I love the panda bear two tier set – so cute.

  • Donna

    #1 on my list are the Lock & Lock 4 square boxes, but they are still out of stock :-(, I would also put on my list the silicone food cups, the rice molds, and the soy sauce containers – they are all super cute!

  • I saw your last post and went on the website and OMG I love the site! I never thought I could get a bento box for under $6 but there they are, all lined up! What I want for xmas from that site? I would have gone NUTS! First of all I love the cute bento sets they have, the ones that comes with bag and utensils, there were TONS of them! And then I would get myself a happy face puncher, I’ve been wanting for a while now. I stopped by 99 cent store at Ward the last time and found that they have changed it to members only. I was…sad. =( I’m just seeing a soy wrapper on their “menu”, I would definitely try that! would be a nice twist to make sushi! And lastly, I would get my hands on the food picks and cups. I wonder if the hubs gonna let me spend some money there? Hmmm….

  • brittany

    I would love the sandwich cookie cutter set of 6, so fun!

  • It’s pretty hard to choose just one thing – I want pretty much everything on that site! But the JAPANESE BENTO ACCESSORIES SOY SAUCE FORREST ANIMALS CONTAINER are soooo cute! Cute little animal heads on top of a soy sauce container – that would make me happy every day!

    Love you site!!

  • You know what I’ll really love to try? Those awesome soy wrappers. The husband is nori-adverse and would love to eat his musubi with soy wrappers instead of the nori!

  • Angelina

    Would love any of the animal shaped boxes for my son!

  • the rubber ducky bento box! I LOVE duckies πŸ™‚

  • MartiVG

    Wow, I love that site! Everything’s on sale. My favorite would have to be the “Japanese Bento Box Lunch Box Set Gorgeous Blue Large.” It looks big enough to pack a whole picnic for 2 people yet still handy enough to carry around in the drawstring bag.

  • Well, I can tell you what I AM getting for myself for Christmas because I ordered from All Things for Sale earlier this week… but, I wish I had thought to get a few nori punches along with my order!

  • Dawn Jacob

    The My Neighbor Totoro alarm clock is adorable – I <3 anything Totoro. But since it's way too expensive I'll just hope to win a Lock & Lock box!

  • Samantha S.

    I asked for this one for Christmas so I can start making bentos for my significant other. *crossing fingers* Looks professional enough even a bento with rainbows would slide where he works. ^.~ Too bad it is sold out.

    Japanese Bento Box Lunch Box Black For Men Set

  • Kelly

    After browsing the site for awhile (maybe too long), I think I would want the froggy cutting board with grid for Christmas ( I’m a bad cutter, so maybe if I had something with lines, I could make my food the same width when I cut! Plus – it’s a frog – you can’t go wrong with that!


  • I love Lock & Lock bento boxes. They are so easy to clean and the insulated bento box bag can keep the food warm in the cold weather.

  • Nessa

    I believe adults can find it hard to understand a marriage proposal at times too, it’s a shame we as adults are less innocent when giving an answer. I Wish I understood better on which is a right or wrong choice when asked this (which I was asked tonight) hence I am still thinking. But I think it’s adorable on how your kid reacted to marriage, and very straight forward and wonderful of you to explain it to him ^_^.

    Anyway enough of my rambling. For Christmas I would like to be able to give the right decision, rather than panicking. I haven’t really thought of any actual material possessions I want but I guess it’s nicer to be surpised.

  • Kathy Hamann

    Those are really neat. Me and my daughter love bento boxes.

  • Think I’ll be getting the Multi-Purpose Bento Lunch Bag Back Pack Cute Black Cat for Christmas this year!!

  • D

    Just got into making bento lunches for my family…. can you recommend a good bento box that’s affordable?

  • JJ

    They are coming in stock by 15 Dec 2010.

  • kyamo

    I’d be very happy to find the Japanese Bento Box 2 tier Lunch Box with Strap Red Flower under my Christmas tree!

  • Kendra G.

    This looks so amazing! And cute! I would use this everyday. πŸ™‚

  • Evelyn

    thanks for doing another great give away! i love your site and i try to follow you on fb as much as possible! i haven’t told santa yet, but i would like a Breville piemaker for Christmas. it makes cute little pies. i think they would be perfect for bento! :o)

  • Shannon

    Feel better! I am always concerned with the sturdyness of my water bottle holder…

  • Cami

    Sorry to hear about your migraine – hope you are feeling better. I think that the food cups are nice and handy. This Lock & Lock Box seems very convenient. Stay healthy!

  • Julie

    Ooh.. I want this set with insulated bag.. Warm food is delicious, and the pink was a nice shade

  • Sandy

    I can’t resist the black cat lunch bag

  • Mags

    What a great site, I’m glad that you mentioned them on your blog, I’ve been looking for a new place to buy bento supplies! The item that I would like is the Microwavable Japanese Bento Box Lunch Box Gorgeous Black Shiny Design. Unfortunately, many of my bentos are not microwave safe, so it would be nice to have one that is. πŸ™‚

  • erisgrrrl

    Gah! Soooo many awesome things! My #1 would be the soy wraps! My son is allergic to artificial food coloring so it’s hard to find things that are fun and bright to add to his lunches. I’ve been coveting them for years and just can’t bring myself to pay so much (once shipping is included) for something we’ll eat in just a week or so!

    Also, the set of cutters with the squirrel would make my kid’s head explode! Out back of our house looks like a bizarre nature preserve and there are TONS of squirrels who play back there! Every time he sees one he yells “Ah! I saw a cute thing!!”

  • Emmanuelle

    Your bento is getting me hungry, even if I ate 2 hours ago πŸ™‚

    From All things for Sale for Christmas I would love the brown bento bag to transport my bento easily πŸ™‚

  • Deborah

    Such cute bento sets! I wish to get for Christmas the Japanese Bento Decoration Microwaveable Food Cups. So cool for lil boys!

  • Sara R

    I love the lock and lock bento set! The Panda Bento Box would be a great gift for Christmas. (Or the pig…koala…oh, I can never decide!)

  • Tomaj

    I would love to have the “Microwavable Japanese Bento Box Lunch Box Red with Silver Rabbit” It has such a cute decoration and is in a lovely red~

  • Noelle R

    Microwavable Airtight 1.6L Bento Lunch Box BPA Free Dishwasher Safe
    1600ml. Size L. This set includes 1 bento lunch box and 4 divider containers (Microwave, Dishwasher, Freezer Safe).
    This sounds perfect for picnics in the park with my nephew and sister.

  • lihinggirl

    Authentic Japanese Bento Box Lunch Box Designer Set Blue
    This is a traditional bento box or lunch box set from Japan. 580ml. Microwavable without lids. The Bento box has three tiers. The bottom tier holds 250 ml (about 1.2 bowls of rice), the second tier holds 330 ml and the top tier is for chopsticks, or a fork.

    Would be awesome for myself or my hubby to bring our home lunches.

  • Joyce Yeong

    I like the lunch box wiith strap pig face. Soooo cute. Thanks for the giveway contest.

  • Venus Silva

    I love your website. I recently purchased my first bento box. It’s a Hamburger that’s fun and has a two storage areas and a mini fork and knife. Winning the Lock & Lock would be a great addition to my bento set.

    Hollar back if I win! Your awesome!


  • Rachel

    I am in awe of your bento skills. XD I’d really like the nori cutter with the four faces, if I were chosen.
    Thank you!

  • Angelene

    i really like the Japanese Bento Accessories Sandwich Cutter New Design!!!!!
    It will be a nice Christmas present!

    Thanks for the giveaway:)GREAT PRIZEs to be won!!!


  • Brenda

    I would love to get the Microwavable japanese Bento Box Lunch Box Red deluxe Set. I am just starting to Bento so I can lose some weight. I may have to order it and wrap it up for my husband to give me.

  • Kim

    I’d love the panda bear shaped bento box, it’s super super cute! Everyone at work would be envious of the adorableness! ^_^

  • I would love to get the Microwavable japanese Bento Box Lunch Box Red deluxe Set. I am just starting to Bento so I can lose some weight. I may have to order it and wrap it up for my husband to give me.

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