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Lock & Lock Giveaway

The other night, I was putting Buddy to sleep and I kissed him good night on the lips. He grinned ear to ear and shyly told me that this meant that we would get married. I told him I can’t marry him, cause I’m already married to Daddy, so he asked if he could marry his sister. When I told him that was against the rules too, he picked out a girl at school. I asked how he would ask her and he said, “Can I please marry you?” Awww!!

Today I will be continuing my review on Lock & Lock  and hosting a giveaway of two Lock & Lock sets sponsored by All Things for Sale.

Stew Bento

I packed this lunch yesterday, but I ended up going home sick with an ocular migraine. It’s got some leftover hamburger stew with rice. To make the carrot flowers, I simply removed some of the stewed carrots, rinsed them off, and cut them with a vegetable cutter. All Things for Sale has the exact set that I have here. Read the first part of my review here.

The Lock & Lock Box I’m using today is exactly the same as the one yesterday, but this one comes with a little water bottle that fits nicely on top of the two boxes. I’m assuming this one was supposed to come with the same set of chopsticks, but they weren’t in it. Either this is a minor oversight or my kids sniped it while I wasn’t looking and they’re being used as flagpoles or mysterious stakes in the yard. I sure hope not. I put the ones from the other set in with this photo.

The water bottle is secure enough. I lugged it to work, back home, and back to work without any spills. Under the pop cap is a screwtop cap, offering double protection against leaks. I drank the water that had been sitting in there for about 36 hours and was pleasantly surprised that there was no plastic taste.

While the main dish box passed the test and leaked no stew, I can’t say the same for the interior of the divided container. I intentionally filled one section with mandarin orange slices and a little bit of the juice to test the leak-proof factor. No liquid leaked outside, but I did find juice in all three sections of my fruits. Not that big a deal since it’s all fruit and avocado, but it’s not as internally secure as I thought.

Despite this minor flaw, I still love it and still recommend either set. If you’d like to win one, head over to the All Things for Sale site and then comment here, telling me what item you wish you would get for Christmas, excluding the items being given away here.

Lock-n-Lock Bags

I will draw two winners from this post. The first will receive the red set with the water bottle and the second will receive the blue set. A couple of rules:

  1. Deadline is Friday, December 10, 2010 at midnight Hawaii time.
  2. ONE comment per person.
  3. Invalid comments will be deleted.
  4. If you are emailed about the prize, you must claim it within 48 hours or it will be awarded to someone else.

Good luck!