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Tomato Basil Penne Bento

Last night was a bit of hell, as I’d spent the day digging up dead grass roots to till soil to plant watermelon and some weird seeds my dad gave us called “Black Soybean”. Since I did this by hand with a small spade, my right hand was so sore that I was whimpering while trying to fall asleep. I’m guessing this is what is in black bean sauce, but I’m not sure. I’m especially unsure what to do with them once they grow…

Penne Pasta Bento

Today I’m having leftover Tomato Basil Penne, the recipe for which you can find on my cooking blog Learn 2 Cook. It was super quick to make and even quicker to pack, since all I did was toss it into a bento box and pack some fruits to go with it! In the other tier, you can see two apple bunnies (in keeping with the New Year’s theme) and some sliced apple banana. I have other apple slices propping them up. It’s packed in my 3-in-One Totoro Bento Box from J-List.

Just a quickie post for today, as I got up too late this morning to write much else. Happy Monday!

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  • sarah

    hi, love your blog, but just wanted to tell you that its not chinese new year (of the rabbit) till February 2nd/3rd. i was always told it was unlucky to celebrate it early. best wishes sarah xoxo

  • Haha, oops! Well, it’s not like bentos are a “celebration” really. Hopefully I escape bad luck! ^_^

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  • sarah

    It could also be my mum being overly superstitious :D, this way you get to celebrate two new years though.

  • Rexy

    I don’t think your black soybeans are the same as the beans in black bean sauce so I did a quick search and indeed, black beans are soybeans that have been fermented and salted, which turns them black. I did find this about black soybeans:

    That should be really cool to see in your future bento lunches!

  • Yeah I had read that page, but I still didn’t have any idea, haha! I also didn’t get why it called soybeans “yellow”. Aren’t they green?

  • Looks really tasty! I hope your hand feels better!

  • Thanks Jenn! It does feel better already, though that could be the Aleve still working, haha!

  • Ryeblossom

    It’s so nice that you can work in your garden now, not to mention *plant* and *actually expect it to grow*!!!
    If your hands are still a bit sore, think about the joy of being in a sunny place.

    Yes, I know, I really need a sunny vacation…

  • Aw hope you feel better soon!

    You could make black soymilk with black soybeans :3 It is pretty common here (Taiwan). Soybeans are called “yellow beans” in Chinese because they are yellow, I guess 😛 My mom likes to make soymilk so we had lots of soybeans!

    I have also heard it is unlucky to celebrate CNY early, but maybe you can say you were doing it “Japanese style” where they use the Chinese Zodiac, but use it with Western New Year (confusing, I know) so in Japan it is already Year of the Rabbit, but for Chinese that is not until Feb. 2 this year ;D Yay for multi-cultural loopholes???

  • @Ryeblossom I know, as my boss said, it’s a “good hurt”. 🙂

  • Hmm, I’ll have to look up a recipe. That sounds good!

  • Yummy yummy yummy – now there’s grumbling in my tummy! Going to get that leftover pasta out of the fridge NOW and reproduce your bento! 🙂

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  • Woo Gnoe!

    BTW, I dunno why but your comment was in my Spam. 🙁

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