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Teriyaki Chicken Bento (584)

My birthday is coming up this Friday (no joke) and this meant that my driver’s license was expiring. It’s rare that I actually realize this before it expires, so I felt pretty on top of things when I accidentally drove past two intended off-ramps and ended up seeing the driver’s license office last Thursday. The line was ridiculously long though, so I went back on Tuesday morning. This one lady was taking photos and telling people, “SMILE IF YOU WANT” so I figured this was standard practice.

Unfortunately, when it was my turn, some other lady decided to help take pictures too and she did not give any sort of warning, instead just snapping the picture right after she said, “Look at the camera.” Apparently you’re supposed to have your smile ready before you make eye contact with the lens. So now I have, for the next EIGHT YEARS, a photo of myself on my license with my mouth slightly open just about ready to smile.

The good news is, that morning I also had time to stop by Five-O Casting and sign up to be an extra. I’ve mentioned before that I have already been an extra, but apparently they had some issues with extras and you now have to go down there and fill out an application and have your photo taken. I’m guessing they had people emailing in headshots from five years ago or something, which isn’t so good when you’re looking for a specific kind of background actor. Hopefully they call me soon!

Teriyaki Chicken Bento

Today I’m having a teriyaki chicken bento with some of that fancy pants premium short grain rice that I have only bought once, but never ate because it got tossed out during our move. I got this rice for review from Asian Food Grocer. Keep watching my blog because sometime in the next week I’ll be hosting a giveaway sponsored by them.

The box I’m using today is a lacquered cedar bento box from Life Without Plastic. I did a review of this box two years ago and I’m pretty sure back then it cost somewhere around $60 to $80. I went back to check the item today.

Ho. ly. crap.

Dang!!! The box costs a whopping $159.95 now. This means this box is by far the most valuable box in my entire collection! Talk about going from a treasured bento box to a family heirloom!

Rice with Ume

I put this white rice and ume in the bento box to give a shout out to the continued efforts of my fellow bento bloggers who have been raising funds through Bento4Japan. There are several auctions that still need some loving, so please bid on these items for charity if you haven’t won anything yet!

My own auctions have completed and I hope to collect all the funds to get a total by the end of the week.

I’m still not back on track with the Weight Watchers program. ;(

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  • I love teriyaki chicken and that bento box of yours looks gorgeous…!

  • I just recently got into bento and have been perusing all the blogs about bentos. Boy is there alot! Recently I came upon your blog and see that you started WW pointsplus values on the bentos. I also do WW (actually I work for them too) and thought bentos would be a great way to portion control as well as make your lunch look really cute and more appetizing!
    Anyway, I’m looking for a combo to do a teriyaki chicken that wouldn’t be too high pointplus values……

  • I always like coming to your blog. It brings back so many memories of living in Japan and seeing the kids’ bento boxes every day at lunch. Thank you for the wonderfully creative blog!

  • I can see why the box would cost so much- it’s the perfect size, and it’s so beautiful.

    What did you use on the side beside the chicken? The color pop is nice, and it seems like it would compliment the chicken.

  • I know, I totally need to use this box more often!

  • You’re welcome! Thanks for such a nice comment!!

  • It’s actually got another tier, I just didn’t have enough food to pack into it.

  • Hello Pikko! I totally understand your shock in seeing the change in price for the urushi bento box. This is because the two urushi bento boxes we now carry (including yours) is now 100% made in Japan. Previously, the wood was sent to China for carving and assembly, and then the box was returned to Japan for application of the urushi and quality control. Now, the boxes are made completely in Japan from A to Z. This of course increases the price significantly because labour costs are higher in Japan. We think it is still worth. These boxes are truly a work of art, and of course, help support the Japanese economy.
    Most warmly,