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Mini Tonkatsu Bento

We had yummy tonkatsu last night and I took a few pieces for lunch today. Having fallen down a couple of stairs and twisting my ankle yesterday, it clearly rattled my brains because I forgot to bring sauce!! 🙁 Lucky thing I have some Aloha Shoyu packets here to save the day! Since I had a hard time walking around the kitchen this morning, my bento had to be done rather quickly and I didn’t have time to re-do it after being unhappy with the result.

Mini Tonkatsu Bento

There’s a bit of corn underneath the katsu, but I couldn’t fit the katsu without hiding it!

I got approval yesterday to cover the Anime Expo in Long Beach, so I will have to start planning on where I can go bento shopping. If anyone lives in LA and knows where to go, please let me know!!! Don’t know where I’ll be staying yet, but hopefully it’s close to some bento-ish stores! I’ll also have to plan my breakfast bento because last time I went to LA I got pwned by the airport food prices. $8.00 ham sandwich FTL!