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Kalbi with Scrambled Eggs Bento

Gah, is it really halfway through December?! I’ve been such a complete slacker lately, sigh. Some exciting news for me: I was in an article in the Wall Street Journal last week for Fictional Food! I don’t know what’s more exciting, being quoted in the WSJ or being interviewed for the same article as George RR Martin. I think the latter!

This bento is actually from like last week or earlier, that’s how behind I am in blogging. I think it’s a combination of cold weather, work, and a nonstop stream of Criminal Minds on the TiVo that have me so behind. Therefore, I blame Mr. Pikko since he’s the one that started watching the show in the first place. I’m currently 120 episodes behind… AUGH!

The meat in this lunch is some pieces of kalbi beef soaked in Sempio Kalbi Sauce (very yum!) and then cut into slices. I really should have cut them into strips and I did actually do this for another bento after this one that I’ll post soon. That was MUCH easier to eat than this!

Kalbi Bento

Underneath the soboro eggs is fresh rice and the meat is surrounded by lettuce from the yard, which is growing totally out of control. On the side I have my usual trio of pickles along with some green beans and sliced crab stick. Overall a really tasty lunch and very easy to put together!