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Lasagna Bento for Buddy

Last night at around 8 pm, my eyes clamped shut while we were watching TV and I ended up waking up at 1 am, so I’m on a really weird sleep schedule right now. While I sawed wood on the floor of our living room, Buddy came and tapped my shoulder before bed, whispering that he would like home lunch the next day. We still had leftover lasagna from the other day, so I ended up packing him that.


Since the lasagna was cold, that made it pretty easy to chop into small squares before I heated it up in the microwave. I picked some lettuce leaves from the growbed outside, added cucumber slices, which he loves, a little piece of broccoli, and a checkered apple. I included a snack pudding for dessert, which I think turned out to be a mistake.

He only ate half the lasagna and half the apple. It could be he didn’t like that the food wasn’t hot, but I hadn’t thought this would be a problem since he spends what feels like half his waking hours complaining to me how his food is too hot. Or… he ate the pudding first and it took too much time at lunch. I suspect he yaps away at lunchtime because the other times he’s brought a lot of food back, his excuse is he “didn’t have time” to eat it all.

I’m more happy he remembered to bring the bento box home. There have been a few times where he forgets it at school over the weekend, which is really, really gross…