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Pot Roast Leftovers Bento


Yikes, talk about being behind only in January. This bento is actually from January 11th! Anyway, it’s leftover pot roast. Not your most traditional bento fodder, but still a moneysaver since it uses leftovers. I used my Zojirushi Mini Bento and actually filled it up too high. When I put the cover on it started hissing at me and food started bubbling out. Instead of removing food, I just wrapped it up in furoshiki to keep it on, but it didn’t keep the food warm because of the opening.

In the side dish I put raw veggies for me to eat with dressing at work. I’ve posted my weekly record for last week on Pikko’s House and I didn’t do so well on exercise, though I guess exercising 3 times is better than what I used to do, which was a big fat zero. As you can see, I didn’t eat very smart either, but I’ll hopefully get back on track this week.