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Stew Bento for Buddy

I re-packed (from MIL’s containers) Buddy’s dinner to make it prettier. I have a Pokemon cloth I can take it in for him. 🙂 Here is the top layer:

Stew Bento

It has half brown/half white rice, stewed baby carrots, and chopped cucumber kim chee. I used one of my “Whale of a Punch” scrapbooking punches for the stars.

Beef Stew Bento

The bottom layer contains the stew. I’m so demented with bento obsession that I actually took the piece of carrot out, washed it, sliced it, and made them into sakura carrot flowers. The extras I shoved underneath the stew for him to eat. The parsley was really cheap at the market and is a really handy decoration for bento. I’m an instant parsley fan!

Tomorrow will be a really bad day in points… damn restaurants!