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Mapo Tofu Bento (127)

Work and FFXI forum drama have kept me occupied these last two nights so I have little time to make cute bentos lately. Plus, there’s all the tv shows that have finally resurfaced! My Heroes taping last night came in with no sound for the first 45 minutes, *sob*. I’ll have to find time to watch it online.

Last night we had Mapo Tofu, which is one of my favorite dishes of my MIL’s and what I like about it is that it’s not spicy. Most times that I order Mapo Tofu in a restaurant it comes with a bottle of chili sauce dumped onto it and that drives me mad because while I can handle some kim chee, I can’t really enjoy the taste of things when my mouth is completely on fire and I’m chugging water like its going out of style. This is why I eat my sushi without wasabi. To me it just flames up your mouth and you completely lose out on the taste of the fish.

Mapo Tofu Bento

On the side I have a little salad with more of my cutie tomatoes that I picked just this morning. In the Hello Kitty container is some Kraft Free Ranch dressing. And as you can see, no rice! I’ve got to control my rice consumption again. I’ll have to admit though, that’s not the only reason I’m back up to 129 lbs. My sister in law is on this baking kick and she brings over cakes and cookies and bars and brownies like every other day. It’s all really good but I have a much harder time resisting now than I did before. I sort of have this “Ah, I’m skinny now, I can eat it.” attitude, which is really really bad. I have to get myself back on a more moderate eating attitude. In addition to what’s in my bento I have a big bento box of strawberries and a bag of black grapes. I don’t remember black grapes existing before, but they do taste really great. They’re hard and crunchy and very sweet.

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Last night Baby Girl was practicing her football cheers in the car. She kept yelling, “DEFENSE!” then “TOUCHDOWN!” then “GO BOWS!!”. Suddenly she starts yelling, “THREE FOR NOTHING!!” and we were cracking up laughing. Then she goes, “COTTAGE CHEESE!!!” lol!! Mr. Pikko insists we must use these cheers at the next football game.