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Healthy Tuna Sandwich Bento (137)

When I used to attend UH Manoa, they had these great Marriott “cubes” which were portable food stands and they sold these really awesome sandwiches called “Healthy Tuna” and “Healthy Ham and Turkey” etc. They tasted really awesome because they had cucumbers, tomatoes, tons of crunchy lettuce, and whole wheat bread. Eating those sandwiches in college really got me into eating sandwiches and so today I made one slightly similar to bring back some old munching memories.


To make the tuna I used one can of tuna in water, 1 1/2 Tb of light mayo, onions, salt, pepper, and since I didn’t have regular sized ones, diced tomatoes from my garden. Added in are cucumber slices and romaine lettuce. This sandwich comes out to a whoppping 5 points because each slice of bread is 2 points. 🙁 Sadly, I was obviously cock-eyed when I cut the first sandwich piece because all the pieces are of different lengths. This is why I took the picture at this angle, to try to hide my noob cutting skills. lol

I’ve also brought some jabon with me to work to eat. People on the mainland call it pomelo and I just looove this stuff. Since it’s showing up at the market that means Costco will carry them soon and that means the swap meat will have some soon! They’re so awesome and I love both the white and pink varieties. The only downside to jabon are the “jabon farts”. People who eat jabon know exactly what I’m talking about. LOL

My daughter will be taking a field trip soon, so a kid bento opportunity is coming up soon! The only bad part is, she’s terrified of the thing featured at the trip destination. It’s only a recent fear and we have no idea where it came from. And speaking of terror, boy did she scare the pants off me this morning. When you’re on the freeway 15 minutes from your next stop, the words, “I have to go shishi.” just strikes all the panic chords in your heart. (shishi is our Hawaii word for pee) All is well though, the carseat is dry. *whew*