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Pikko POLL

If you follow me on Twitter, you’d know that I didn’t have a bento on Friday because I was busy trying out for the Darwin award. I took my leftover miso chicken in a Ziploc bag out of the freezer and saw that the pieces were stuck together. To separate them, what did I do? I grabbed a butter knife and proceeded to attempt to pry them apart. Well, as you may guess, the knife slipped, gashed through the bag, and ground into my left pointer.

The first thing you must be thinking is, how the heck do you cut your finger with a butter knife? The answer is with a lot of force and the bumpy tip. I gashed a cut into my finger so deep that the skin parted and blood began pouring out. I screamed loud enough to wake the dead (or Mr. Pikko from sleep, same thing) and after squeezing my finger with Kleenex around it for a few minutes, the bleeding stopped. We covered it in Neosporin and put a Band-Aid. I stayed home from work cause the thing was throbbing like crazy and I could only type with one hand.

Over the weekend it felt a lot better, but when I opened it up last night, the cut was starting to look like fish hook. I’m assuming because I was freely bending it without thinking and all that curling then made my cut curl. Not wanting it to heal funny (too late), I put a popsicle stick on my finger and wrapped it up. As a result, this much text has taken me like 4x longer than usual cause I have to keep deleting letters I didn’t mean to type. Lunch today is going to be some unceremoniously packed goulash and rice.

So what’s a POLL? Why, that would be a Painfully Obvious Life Lesson, one that almost any idiot should know, but I didn’t. Today’s POLL: Don’t attempt to separate chicken with a sharp object. Or even a dull one, for that matter. Actually, I did know this, but didn’t listen. Imagine if I’d been using a cooking knife!!

As if that wasn’t enough, while leaning over Buddy to tickle Baby Girl, he suddenly stood up in excitement, cracking me under the chin so hard my ears were hurting. Thanks for giving Mommy that “head uppercut”. Feels great…

I’m going to the doctor this afternoon to see if I need a tetanus shot.

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