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Crab Salad Nigiri Sushi

We had our monthly potluck for March today and I suggested that we do a green theme for St. Patty’s Day so the office brought in foods that were either colored green or environmentally green. Some of you may remember the St. Patrick’s Day Sushi Bento I made last year. The green dots are actually tobiko, or flying fish roe, but flavored and colored with wasabi. I have only ever seen this product at Marukai Marketplace on Dillingham, so yesterday after work, I picked up Buddy and we headed to that store.

We looked through the bento stuff in their Zakka section and I bought a set of food cups that I don’t have yet then walked around getting food. The store was freezing, so Buddy was clinging to my legs like glue until he saw the tank of dungeoness crabs and ran off screaming excitedly. Anyway, as we were heading towards the back corner area where their pickle demo station is, I saw another display of bento boxes. I’m walking over when I stop dead in my tracks.

There’s a laminated poster and I see my Frankenstein bento, my Somen Bird’s Nest Bento, my Mochi Bento, and a few more of my lunches. My immediate reaction was, “Holy crap, that’s cool!” but after that I was like, hey wait a minute, no one asked if they could do this. I found a store manager, got his card, and emailed later that night asking to speak to someone about at least getting credit for my work. A nice lady emailed and called me today to apologize and so now everything is all good. I’ll have to go shopping at the Dillingham store whenever I need a quick confidence booster, lol! I usually go to the Ward store because it’s closer.

Crab Sushi

I ended up making one of my favorite types of nigiri sushi: Crab Salad! This cute pair above is my test set that I made at home. I cooked 3 cups of rice this morning (too much) and added some ready made sushi vinegar I had on hand. I used a mold to make the rice balls, then wrapped the sides with strips of nori. For the filling, I just bought imitation crab sticks (has to be stick kind, not the chunks) and chopped it up and added mayo. I added a small dollop of the wasabi tobiko on top to conform to the green theme. I loved how it turned out!

I packed up the rice, nori, crab salad, tobiko, scissors, and spoons and made these at work, as I figured the nori wouldn’t keep very nicely on the way in to work. We had a nice looking platter in the kitchen, so I used that to put them on. The final presentation of them looked really cool.

Crab Sushi Platter

I made about 20 of them as soon as I got in to work. Very nice and easy to do and very colorful! I’m a long-time wasabi hater, but the tobiko just has a very slight taste to it and no spice at all. People who don’t go for raw fish might be happy to try this, but perhaps the eggs might be just as bad or worse, haha!

Crab Salad Nigiri with Wasabi Tobiko


  • 2 cups rice, cooked (makes 4 cups rice)
  • 4 tbsp sushi vinegar
  • nori sheets
  • imitation crab sticks
  • mayonnaise to taste
  • salt to taste
  • wasabi tobiko (or regular tobiko)


  • scissors
  • nigiri sushi mold (optional


  1. While the rice is still hot, mix in the sushi vinegar. Mix until well combined and set aside to cool.
  2. Chop imitation crab sticks thinly across the grain. This should cause the crab to flake very finely.
  3. Mix in mayonnaise until it’s the consistency you want. Season with a bit of salt to taste.
  4. Cut nori sheets into strips. Make small nigiri rice balls with mold or hands, then wrap nori strips around the sides, sealing the end with water. The strip of nori should be taller than the rice ball.
  5. Immediately fill the top with crab salad.
  6. Top with small amount of tobiko.
  7. Serve immediately with soy sauce.

This weekend I’m going to be working on a bentomaking video, my first ever. Hopefully my kitchen idiocy doesn’t shine through too much.

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  • I’ve never had crab salad sushi, sounds great!
    That’s so horrible that the supermarket put your photos up without credit! Don’t you have your name on all your photos though? I would have been so bothered. I’m glad they sound like they’ll work on the issue.

  • leslie

    Oh my goodness! That looks delicious! Thank you for giving us the recipe… I can’t wait to try it!

  • Moontaj

    Love the way they look even though I’ve never tried crab! Very very pretty.

    P.S. Don’t quit FFXI, server merge or no. I love knowing we play the same game, even if that does sound dorky. lol

  • Yeah, but they were very nice and apologetic and the poster now has my name on it! 🙂

  • I hope you can find the right imitation crab, Leslie! I hate the chunk kind.

  • I’ve decided that if I can come up with a new cute name to match her, I’ll stay. If not, I’ll retire.

  • Wow, I’ve never seen wasabi tobiko before! How is it wasabi-flavored? Is it coated with wasabi? Looking at your really clear pictures, it doesn’t seem like it!

  • this looks really good. I truly love wasabi tobiko. The crunch of each roe is amazing!

  • They are so pretty!
    Can you put a ‘water mark’ kind of thing on your pictures? I see some blogs have that. I’m assuming they took them from your blog? Which means there are broken copyright laws. I know they have given you credit, but what about in the future? They should notify or ask permission of you. When are we going to see the poster?

  • These do look inpressive! They look like something our favorite sushi restaurant had. They closed unexpectedly, it’s such a shame. We loved going there, a wonderful, family operated, small place, since my daughter was little (they doted on her). They topped theirs with srircha. Okay off subject here sorry. I am a wasabi lover so this one looks fantastic. A great idea for a “green” platter!

    I hear that happen often to food bloggers. It’s a shame they can’t give us credit for our work. It is a nice compliment to you. I am glad they worked it out with you!

  • leslie

    Amazingly enough, I have some Krab sticks in the freezer! I don’t think I will be able to find the wasabi tobiko though 🙁 I’ll have to add a dab of wasabi mayo on top instead (unless you can think of something better for me to replace it with!) It won’t look as pretty, but the people I feed it to, won’t have seen your beautiful works of art, so I’m in luck!

    btw: Sorry to hear about the credit fiasco. At least they responded quickly and apologized.

  • Lingo

    I dig most of what you end up putting on your blog, I randomly end up here after clicking on the prettiest of food and cutest bento pictures on Foodgawker.

    As a previous roe lover i feel compelled to let you know about the highly manufactured level of fancy coloured fish eggs. I wont fill your comment box full of links and such, but a simple peek into their production may (or may not) change your mind on your enthusiasm to eat them.

    Well, maybe Ill leave one link here, just for posterity’s sake. that way if anyone is interested they can read up. =)

  • Lingo

    and then I forget to post it…. Geez

  • Your bentos are one of the best I’ve seen. I love it! I am so looking forward to your bento making video. God knows I make such a mess of it when I tried it at home 🙂 I’m subscribing to your feeds, I just love your site!

  • I hope you don’t leave FFXI over that…it would be so sad and such a waste. There are tons of cute names out there! Have you tried contacting the “other” Pikko?

    I am sad that I left, but glad to back in game…it’s so much fun. I forgot just how much fun it was. Of course, I’m doing fewer bento boxes these days- the start-up quests and missions take a lot more time than I remember!! haha!

  • I’m not sure, but it doesn’t have the spice to it, which is fine by me!

  • Yeah, I’m not much of a ikura fan, but I’ll eat tobiko.

  • I do put my watermark with the URL, but I had given higher res images to the Advertiser for printing, which they ended up using as a web gallery instead. They probably pulled it from the newspaper site.

  • They changed the sign to have my name all over it, so I’m fine with it now! I’ll have to go look up what srircha is…

  • Wow, I had no idea… it sounds like the wasabi ones are probably the least processed though, since they’re colored with wasabi and not artificially. I’m not sure I’d quit eating it though, since I do eat a lot of processed foods already. =

  • I totally jinxed myself! 🙁 Hopefully I find my charger and my P&S camera… Thanks for subbing!!

  • That looks delicious!

  • Where did you get the wasabi tobiko?

  • Thanks Shelly!

  • I got it at Marukai Marketplace.

  • I made these for a party. They were a hit! Thanks Pikko. I gave you full credit on my blog! lol! Yours look so much nicer. How do you chop the crab so fine? hehe!

    I’m glad you got your credit for your photos! Sriracha is a hot chili sauce, it’s so good!