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Killed by Cute: 450 of 2010’s Cutest Bentos

Killed By Cute 2010

As every year goes by, it seems like I stumble upon more and more cute bento blogs, which makes me tremendously happy as it means that the bento community is expanding. It also doesn’t hurt to have so many kawaii bento boxes to oooh and aaaah over.

That being said, it can be hard to keep track of everything cute that whizzes by in a year. This gave me the idea of compiling a huge list of my favorite cute lunches from 2010; quite a feat when it came down to creating all the thumbnails and adding all the links! It took me over a month to finish this compilation of 450 of 2010’s bentos, but in the end I hope you’ll all find it an enjoyable experience. Maybe you’ll discover a new bento blog to read in the process!

If you’re new to the whole cute food thing, I hope these bentos amaze you as much as they amaze me. They represent an astonishing amount of work and truly showcases the artistic talent of a world full of truly dedicated people out there.

The bentos are broken up into months. I am positive that even after I click through everything to check on my linking, there will be an error here or there, so feel free to let me know if you see something amiss!


January Bentos

Babushka Bad Badtz Inari Bears Bird’s Nest Pink Bunnies
Burger Cat and Birdies Chicks Chickens Chick Santa
Corn Dog Crab Friends Daruma Doraemon Fruity Friends
Girl Lion Cub Mochi Pears Pokemon
Poodles Postman Red Riding Hood Sheep Sheep Friends
Simpsons Smiling Buns Smiling Flowers Star Pizza Sugar Bunnies
Sun Tamago Chicks Tangerines Teddies Tiger Sammie
Tiger 2 Tiger 3 Tiger Kids Tigers Tulip Trio

February Bentos

Baker Balloon Bear Bear Love Bear Friends Bears
Blonde Girl Breakfast Bunny Car Chick
Chinese New Year Chinese NY 2 Dolls Double Tigers Frog Friends
Girl’s Day Hello Kitty Homekoro Humpty Dumpty Keroppi
Ladybugs Lion Mickey Mikan Bouya Miss Domo
Nurse Octopus Onigiri Piggy Pingu
Princess Skulls Tiger Tiger 2 Tiger 3
Tigers Tigers 2 Totoro White Bear Yellow Pig

March Bentos

Angel Baby Boos Bear Bear 2 Bear 3
Bunny Eggs Bunnies Bunnies 2 Bunnies 3 Bunny
Bunny Sisters Butterfly Cars Cats Doraemon
Easter Bunny Froggies Frogs Giraffe Giraffe 2
Girl’s Day Hamtaro Hello Kitty Mamegoma Mice
Mini Sushi Musubi Naruto Nest Ocean
Octopi Onigiri Boys Penguins Piggies Piggy
Pikachu Robot Sheep Toadstools Yellow Bunnies

April Bentos

Bear Bears Bear Sammie Bee Bee Onigiri
Birthday Brown Bear Bumblebees Froggies Garden
Girl & Bear Kimono Girl Ladybugs Mole My Melody
Onigiri Froggies Robot Love Seal Sheep Sushi
Sootballs Strawberries Three Bears Veggie Truck Watermelon

May Bentos

Bumblebees Bunnies Butterflies Candy Girls Carp
Cat Egg Flowers Happy Bear Hello Kitty Kitty
Kitty Sausage Lion Octo King Owl My Melody
Penguins Piggies Pokemon Pooh Purple Puppies
Sheep Smiling Onigiri White Bunnies Yellow Bears Yum-Yum Bento

June Bentos

Black Bear Blonde Girls Butterflies Cheese Cats Chickens
Chicks Chicks 2 Cinnamoroll Doraemon FFXI
Froggies Lion Keroppi Kitty Cat Kitty Cat 2
Lamb Marie Mickey Mouse Naruto Peanut
Pikachu Pink Girls Pokemon Pooh Pooh 2
Red Riding Hood Rilakkuma Rilakkuma 2 Shaun Sheep Smurfs
Snoopy Onigiri Twin Girls Utensils Wallace & Gromit Walruses

July Bentos

Bear Buns Bears Bears 2 Brown Bear Chicks
Dogs Dora Doraemon Elephant Faeries
Frog King Giraffe Girly Hello Kitty Hello Kitty 2
Ladybug Little Chicks Lovey Bears Miffy Miss Octopus
Moomin Muffins Pandas Piggy Pinky Fruits
Pirate Piyo-Piyo Red Haired Girls Rilakkuma Seals
Tangerines The Lorax Three Pigs White Bear White Bears

August Bentos

Bear Sammy Bear Sandwich Blonde Twins Bumblebees Bunnies
Bunny Triplets Caterpillars Chick Nuggets Elephant Chipmunks
Chipmunks 2 Crayons Garden Girl Hello Kitty Happy Kids
Happy Whale Kitties Mamegoma Moles Nurses
Piggies Piggy Buns Pikachu Pink Fairy Race Cars
Snails Submarines Tiger Yellow Bunnies Yellow Puppy

September Bentos

Angel Animal Buns Animal Dinner Anpanman Bears
Bert Bumblebees Bunny Bunny Night Celebration
Chickens Children Chococat Choir Fish
Froggies Froggy Frogs Ghosts Green Puppies
Happy Children Happy Eid Happy Stars Hello Kitty Car Jellyfish
Kimono Kitty Cats Landry Little Monkeys Mamegoma
Mameshiba Mario Mickey Mochi Rabbit Monkey
Monkey Sammie Mushrooms Pikachu Pororo Princess Peach
Rabbit Burger Roosters Roosters 2 Sausage Bear Sausage Monkey
Smiling Kids Squirrel Teddy Bear Three Monkeys Zebra

October Bentos

Alligator Angels Baby Jacks Baikinman Bat
Bathing Octi Bears Bees Black Cat Bulldogs
Chess Chicks Costume Party Costume Quest Devil Kitty
Elephants Frankenstein Frankenstein 2 Frankenstein 3 Ghost
Ghosts Happy Animals Happy Boys Happy Frogs Hatsue
Haunted House Hello Kitty Witch Jack Jacks Kitties
Kuromi Little Twin Stars Minnie Mouse Mummies Mummy
Piglet Pink Bear Pink Cow Pink Ribbon Pink Ribbon 2
Pirate Bears Pumpkin Burgers Royalty Scrump Silly Spider
Skulls Smiley Witch Smiling Girls Sunflower Tigger
Tooth Fairy Trick or Treat Vampire Bats White Elephant Witch
Witch 2 Witch Chick Witches Witch Octopi Witch Pikachu

November Bentos

Acorns Bears Chococat Cow Crab
Doggies Bears Frog Giraffe Girl and Bear
Harry Potter Hedgehogs Mushroom Girls Om Nom Owl
Owls Piggy & Kitty Playful Boy Puppies Red Cap Boy
Red Riding Bears Red Riding Hood Reindeer Boy Rilakkuma Santa/Rudolph
Santa Clothes Saranghae Sausage Bunnies Snow Lady Kitties
Snowman2 Toy Soldiers Twin Boys White Bee White Cat

December Bentos

Acorn Bear Angel Bee Blonde Girls Bowtie Bunnies
Bunnies Cat & Goldfish Christmas Boot Elves Frosty
Gingerbread Pals Gingerbread Wreath Kimono Bunny Mr. Snowman Ninja Girls
Penguin Elves Red Cap Bears Playful Boy Reindeer Kitty Reindeer Kitty 2
Rudolph Salami Bunnies Santa Bear Rilakkuma Santa Claus
Santa Girls Snowman Snowmen Snowmen 2 Snowmen 3
Stockings Swimming Kids Two Santas Yellow Bunnies Yellow Bunnies 2